Euskaltel deliver redundancy notice to Sánchez

Basque team also plans to lay off six other riders with contracts for 2014

Although there is still no word on where Samuel Sánchez might be riding next season, the Euskaltel leader and six of his team-mates have received a redundancy notice from the Basque squad, indicating that their contracts in 2014 and beyond will not be paid up in full.

According to Marca, the Basque Cycling Pro Team company that administers the Euskaltel-Euskadi team sent every member of the roster an initial notice of redundancy (known in Spain as an ERE) on Wednesday. Among those who received it were the seven riders who are still looking for a new berth for next season: Sánchez, Igor Antón, Egoi Martínez, Gorka Verdugo, Jon Aberasturi, Rubén Pérez and Miguel Mínguez.

These seven riders – and, presumably, any of the backroom staff similarly affected – now have two weeks in which to decide on “an ad hoc representative commission to negotiate in their interest during the course of the indicated proceedings,” said Marca, quoting from the letter the riders received.

All seven riders have contracts with BCPT for the 2014 season, while Sánchez’s deal with the team runs to the end of 2015.

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