Dowsett keen on tackling Wiggins’ UCI Hour Record

Movistar man downplays claims over Wiggins’ bike

Alex Dowsett (Movistar) is open to the idea of tackling the UCI Hour Record in the future after seeing Bradley Wiggins eclipse his effort last weekend. Dowsett had raised the bar to 52.937 kilometers last month but saw Wiggins move the distance out to 54.526 at the London Olympic velodrome.

"Wiggins ride was really impressive," Dowsett told Cyclingnews at the Criterium du Dauphine.

"We expected, everyone expected, massive things from him and he delivered. It was really good to watch and if anyone was going to take my record it was always going to be Bradley. I think it's exactly what we expected."

When Dowsett broke the record in May he admitted almost immediately that he had ridden at a relatively conservatively pace and that he would be willing to take on another assault regardless of Wiggins' upcoming ride. An attempt on the Hour Record involves a training programme that takes months of meticulous planning, costs, and sacrifice. Another attempt from Dowsett isn't currently in his plans but he told Cyclingnews that he would be open to the idea in the longterm future.

"It's down to the management, it's a big thing to organise an Hour Record. Personally I would like to have another crack. I've got a lot of time on my side though. It's a huge ask. At 52.9 kilometres I made no bones about it, that it was a controlled effort from me. However the next step, it's exponential to step from that to 54.5 is going to be massive, so it's not something I want to rush into. So it would be something to look at over the next eight or nine years," he told Cyclingnews.

"I would like to have another go because it was something I enjoyed doing, if just to better my own time, to take on something as monumental as Bradley's record, it needs to be very well planned and executed."

Wiggins has raised the bar but due to high air pressure he was not able to break the 55-kilometre barrier. At his post-hour press conference he told the media that he could have added another 750 meters had conditions been more favourable.

"At some point someone is going to come along and run faster than Usain Bolt. That's how records work. There's a lot of great bike riders out there, Brad's one of them, if not the best bike rider that's ever been, in terms of versatility, but whether I am capable or not I don't know: I'm not capable of 90 per cent of what he's done, but I am capable of some things."

Hour controversy

Dowsett is currently riding the Dauphine in France and has a shot of making the team’s Tour de France squad. However in the last 24 hours he has been embroiled in controversy after a member of his Hour Record entourage openly questioned the validity of Wiggins' ride by suggesting that he bike was illegal and that British Cycling were too heavily involved.

"Firstly, my coach is Mark Walker and there's been some confusion around this because the comments came from Steve Collins. Steve was at a lot of training sessions with me doing timekeeping and he gave up a lot to help me and it’s something he is very, probably more emotionally involved in than me. He said some choice words which I personally disagreed with."

Dowsett clarified his position by backing the sponsors around him for the support they provided during his build-up and final assault on the Hour Record before praising British Cycling.

"My Canyon was a very good bike and Brad's bike looked like an extremely good bike. If he's on the start line then it's legal, simple as that, and as for the British Cycling comment: we never asked. I had a fantastic team with Movistar, Canyon, Endura, more than enough support. British Cycling helped us on the day and I never asked the GB team or British Cycling for help in my build-up as I didn't feel I needed it. The GB team did move one of their training sessions for me and they helped with the logistics as well, and for that I'm really grateful. If I had asked for more help I'm sure they would have been quite hands on for me." 

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