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De Gendt losing hope for a new team

Cycling News
October 1, 2013, 23:19,
October 2, 2013, 00:20
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Thomas De Gendt has his hands full

Thomas De Gendt has his hands full

  • Thomas De Gendt has his hands full
  • Thomas De Gendt (Vacansoleil-DCM)
  • Thomas De Gendt (Vacansoleil-DCM) has his eye on an Alpe d'Huez stage victory

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Will continue to look until end of month

Thomas De Gendt has given himself one more month to find a team for the 2014 season. If he is not successful, he will have to put an end to his career.

The Belgian, who finished third in the Giro d'Italia 2012, rides for Vacansoleil-DCM, which is ending after this season.

He is said to be up – again – for the final available place on Omega Pharma-QuickStep, but told Het Nieuwsblad that he has not heard from team manger Patrick Lefevere. “I read that I'm going up against Igor Anton. Before that it was Jan Bakelants. I think it will be difficult.”

Anton rides for Euskaltel-Euskadi, which is also ending after this season. Bakelants was signed for what was believed to be the last place on the team, but reports today indicate that Janier Acevedo, who had an oral agreement with the team, will sign instead with Garmin-Sharp, opening up another spot.

Garmin-Sharp is also an option for De Gendt, but as he pointed out “There are 120 riders looking for another team. I can do nothing but wait and hope.

“But if I have nothing against the end of October, I know it's over.”

highfructosecorn More than 1 year ago
Teams going under is due to lack of sponsors willing to deal with what has in recent history been an unstable sport because of poor management as well as bad economic environments. Competent riders getting off their bikes at worlds because of 1) their role being done, 2) crashes, 3) not wanting to get caught by the front of the race on what is typically a circuit, and 4) weather is pretty natural. I mean the past 5 WC RRs: 2012: 85 DNF (Gilbert, sunny) 2011: 33 DNF (Cav, sunny) 2010: 79 DNF (Thor, sunny) 2009: 93 DNF (Cadel, sunny) 2008: 128 DNF (Ballan, sunny) Comparing the blue skies, pancake-flat course from 2011 to the short steep stuff from this year's circuit is only someone who has never ridden would do.
highfructosecorn More than 1 year ago
whoops, meant to reply to itty bitty heckles up there.
highfructosecorn More than 1 year ago
For a guy who has had some degree of success at the top level of cycling De Gendt is a pretty big pessimist. Even if there is a buyer's market this year, would looking for a spot at a Pro Continental team be so bad?
Steven Nicholson More than 1 year ago
he isn't exactly flooded with offers and even if he was lucky enough to get a contract with OPQS (as he probably dreams about) he's probably only going to be team leader in smaller 2.1 races, in GT's he'll be Uran's domestique. someone needs to tell him he'd be better off joining the new Wanty team were he'll be team leader and the team will most likely get alot of invites to world tour events so he'd have alot of chances to impress and earn a 2015 contract at a world tour team. would he rather ride for a pro cont team or be unemployed in 2014? right now he seems to favour the 2nd option
wirral More than 1 year ago
De Gendt will sign for a Pro Conti if he has to. What is going on here, is De Gendt and/or his agent keeping the name of Thomas De Gendt front and centre in everyone's mind ahead of all the other riders who also haven't got contracts for next year. The agent may well be playing two teams off against each other in order to get the best deal as well. Tomorrow we can expect a story about Thomas De Gendt's cat being a cycling fan and, by the way did I mention, Thomas De Gendt is still not signed for next year.
marlonbrando More than 1 year ago
podiums in the giri and cannot get a ride, things aint lookin good for pro cycling. where will bertie go? sounds like saxo is suxo
Alpechraxler More than 1 year ago
If he wouldn't be stuck to his depressive/pessimistic outlook he should think 2 seconds and eighter sign for netapp endura or IAM. He possibly could ride the giro or the TDF or the vuelta. But if he continues his whining i doubt anyone will sign him.
cyclingbricklayer More than 1 year ago
Wondering why cycling's on the nose ? It's still groggy from the doping left hook it got from LA et al and is still reeling. Another couple of doping 'outings' will kill it stone dead. Ask the next 50 people you see if they believe ALL cyclists dope...I did and 48 said 'yes'. Sponsors and fans are deserting in droves.
FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
Only income teams have is sponsors and price money (negligible). Meanwhile UCI collects money from TV right. UCI does not organize races, does not provide the content of the races, but eats most of the cake. TV rights revenues sharing with teams is the only option for future, they can't rely just on sponsors. Biggest problem of cycling is not doping, it is money. It is horribly underfinanced and current business model where teams get nothing from the biggest money making tool (TV - and it goes well, there are more and more TVs from many countries, cycling is widely broadcasted and watched - find out how many TVs were at e.g. Tuscany Worlds) is exploitative and untenable. If UCI does not act fast, whole system will colaps and proffesional cycling as business will bankrupt.
Ryo Hazuki More than 1 year ago
there's no tv money in cycling. it's not football. nobody pays to watch cycling pretty much except the tour, of which all the money goes to aso. not uci
FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
You are very wrong. TV companies pays for TV rights to be allowed to broadcast cycling. Do you think they get rights for free? no, they do not. whether they are paid TVs (e.g. I subsribe to one of them to watch cycling), or publicly funded TVs is irrelevant. They all pay for rights. Of course there is less money than in football, but pro-tour cycling teams operate annullly on what premier leage teams needs for weeks. That is not the point, there is still lots and lots of money involved in TV rights that could make sure professional teams have secure financial stability (and they all wont be gone in few years) You are right about ASO. Even that is only question of agreement between teams, UCI, ASO. What would ASO do if teams go bankrupt in rate 5 per year (like it is happening now)? They are all on the same boat. TdF without teams would be quite poor commodity to sell for ASO. I think they would understand that. your example of football, teams get money from UEFA for participating in Champions League, F1 teams get money for participating in GP from Ecclestone. More if they are winning, less just for participating. Sponsorship is another income, but not the only one. Why can't that be arranged in cycling? Does your team participate in ProTour? Yes? Ok, you are entitled to share of TV revenues from it. It is quite simple. I honestly can't see any other way to keep professional cycling alive in future.
Wallander More than 1 year ago
Something smells fishy here, and for a change it's not Heckler's loyalty to Phat Pat. For a 26-year-old rider with a decent palmares, it's strange that De Gendt hasn't yet found a team. Is he a bad dude? Does he refuse to work for anybody but himself? Are there whisperings among the cognescenti that the press is unaware of (regarding, for instance, the legitimacy of his successes)?
kdayfranceusa More than 1 year ago
Totally agreed. If cycling as a sport was healthy there is no way that a rider of DeGent's quality would be looking at retiring or moving to the "minor" leagues at age 26. No doubt the problem is the sponsors. The number of fans who line the roads and that follow cycling continues to grow in spite of all the bad press related to doping. But the sponsors have run away from the sport because the bad press from doping is too high a risk for them to take. Sponsors don't want their name associated with a rider who gets caught doping. It's just bad PR and too much of a risk.