Colombia es Pasion: a new Colombian pro team

By Luis Barbosa in Bogota, Colombia The new pro team "Colombia es Pasion Coldeportes" is a Colombian...

By Luis Barbosa in Bogota, Colombia

The new pro team "Colombia es Pasion Coldeportes" is a Colombian cycling project that aims to go as far as the Café de Colombia and Postobon teams did in the '80s, with great riders such as Lucho Herrera and Fabio Parra. The team is being supported by two big sponsors: Proexport, the national export association, and Coldeportes, the Colombian sports institute. It will consist of 17 riders: 10 elite and seven under 23, who will represent the new face of Colombian cycling. The aim of the team is to show the real face of the Colombia as a country, and to open its doors through sport.

The team will race the UCI America Tour calendar and some European races. The first race is the Tour of El Salvador and the Vuelta de la Juventud for Under 23 riders in Colombia.

The team presentation in Bogota was graced by the Colombian president's wife, Lina Moreno de Uribe, and the presidents of the most important companies like Avianca airlines, Café de Colombia and Bancolombia, and the general manager of the Colombian sports institute, Daniel Garcia. Colombian cycling greats such as Martin Rodriguez, world champion on the track, Fabio Parra, 3rd place in the Tour de France in 1988, Rafael Niño, the most prolific Colombian winner, and Phonak's Santiago Botero, who was in Medellín but made his presence felt via a video conference, all wished the new team good luck.

Team roster


Jairo Hernández Montoya
Juan Pablo Forero Carreño
Alexis Rojas Diaz
Carlos Eduardo Alzate
Darwin González Palomino
Francisco Colorado Hernández
Olmedo Capacho Pulido
Yovanni Torres Castro
Diego Montoya Montoya
Gerardo Rodríguez Chitiva

Under 23

Omar Rodríguez Parra
Oscar Sánchez Guarín
Andrés Follador Hinostroza
Jairo Salas Atehortua
Wilson Marentes Torres
Andres Diaz Corrales
Robison Chalapud Gómez

Sports managers

Jairo Monroy Gutiérrez
Luis Saldarriaga Gaviria

General manager

Antonio Arias Chaparro


Alvaro Cortes Rincon


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