Blanco clears van Bommel of doping involvement

Team doctor named by Rasmussen investigated

Team Blanco has found no evidence that its team doctor Dion van Bommel was involved in doping and will not take action against him, reported today.

Van Bommel was one of three doctors named by Michael Rasmussen in a recent interview, together with Geert Leinders and Jean-Paul van Mantegem as being aware of his doping. The Danish rider stated van Bommel was not directly involved in doping, but was one of those who handed out certificates for cortisone use.

Team boss Richard Plugge said the organisation launched an internal investigation into van Bommel, including interviewing him and doping authorities.

"It's all very clear. There was nothing," Plugge said. "There is no reason to have to take action. That also says something about how we should judge Rasmussen's words," said Plugge.

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