A Day in Yellow with Dave Zabriskie

Tickets are still available for the fundraising bike ride, "A Day in Yellow with Dave Zabriskie",...

Tickets are still available for the fundraising bike ride, "A Day in Yellow with Dave Zabriskie", which will be run on November 19 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. A total 30 riders will join Zabriskie on a brisk, scenic 50 km ride on Vancouver Island. As part of the event, Zabriskie will present to a child with cancer, a cheque for $1,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society. The child will also ride in the support vehicle and follow the ride on November 19.

12 Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock (www.copsforcancer.com) members will provide security and support in "A Day in Yellow", leading the pack along the route. The Tour de Rock is a 1000 km journey across Vancouver Island, raising over $1 million a year for cancer research on Vancouver Island.

"This is a great opportunity for the cycling community to make a difference for children who are battling cancer," said Calvin Straathof, president of the promoting body Giga-Bike. "To have Dave present a child with a cheque towards Cancer Research and have that child follow Dave in a support vehicle, attend dinner and view a movie is simply phenomenal. This speaks volumes of Dave's character and his support towards our organization and community. I encourage more to help in the industry. Cyclists can make a difference."

After the ride, there will be a dinner held by Team Giga-Bike with Dave Zabriskie as guest of honour. Following the meal, the documentary "Overcoming", which follows Team CSC's 2004 race season, will be screened.

Tickets are almost sold out for this event with only two tickets available at a cost of $250. In addition, 10 special "Yellow Jersey Sponsor" spots are available by bidding online at www.teamgigabike.com. This allows you to bid on donated gear from professional cyclists. The money raised from the auction will go to Team Giga-Bike's Youth Development Fund. Roland Green, Geoff Kabush, Gina Grain, Alison Sydor, Melanie McQuaid, Erinne Willock and Tony Zarsadias have all donated autographed jerseys to the auction.

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