2015 Interbike mega gallery - part one

Interesting new products meet a few weird ones

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Instead of endlessly wandering the extensive halls of a trade show, it's always good to follow a plan and seek out specific brands. However, get yourself a little lost or take a detour and it's all too likely you may stumble onto something new or perhaps a little 'different'.

With that, our gallery above looks at exciting new products such as Rocky Mountain's new alloy Thunderbolt, Litespeed's T1SL, WickWerks' 53/34t chainring combo, ODI's new road bartape, Redshift's suspension stem and BMC's limited edition raw-carbon Team Machine SLR01. Among these and many more exciting new products, there's also the weird ones we stumbled upon.

Check out part two of our Interbike mega gallery by clicking here.

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