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Features Archive, October 2012

  1. Pro bike: Katie Compton's Trek Ion CX

    Special modifications for 8-time US 'cross champion

    Features: October 15, 23:05

  2. 6-Daagse van Amsterdam start list

    Official starters as of October 15, 2012

    Features: October 16, 16:16

  3. The Lance Armstrong fairness fallacy

    Opinion on the USADA case and the future of cycling

    Features: October 16, 17:00

  4. Cyclo-cross tire guide: 2012 season

    Tubular, tubeless and clincher offerings from 10 brands

    Features: October 16, 23:32

  5. Steffen: Anti-doping vigilance needs to continue in wake of USADA investigation

    Implicated doctors should lose their medical license

    Features: October 17, 03:53

  6. UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup-Tabor start list

    Provisional starters as of October 16, 2012

    Features: October 17, 18:04

  7. Crocodile Trophy start list

    Official starters as of October 18, 2012

    Features: October 18, 06:02

  8. Former USADA opponent provided key information in Lance Armstrong case

    Paul Scott a tipping point in doping investigation

    Features: October 18, 07:12

  9. Tuning into Radio Millar

    "What’s going on now is a total necessity for the sport to go through"

    Features: October 18, 12:23

  10. Ibis unveils Hakkalügi Disc

    New 'cross bike debuts at Fort Collins USGP

    Features: October 18, 15:43

  11. Cycling Australia swallows its own bitter pill

    Truth and reconciliation in the case of Matt White

    Features: October 18, 22:35

  12. Dave Brailsford’s pursuit of Utopia for Team Sky

    Team manager looks for a new cast

    Features: October 19, 14:10

  13. Rabobank timeline: a mainstay of the peloton bows out

    Dutch team calls time after 17 years

    Features: October 20, 11:01