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Spring is kicking in down here in San Diego. Well, let's be honest, we really don't have seasons...

April 9, 2009

Spring is kicking in down here in San Diego. Well, let's be honest, we really don't have seasons here! But, it would be springtime if we did. While I miss some of the people and the good things about Colorado, I don't miss the unpredictable weather. I need/want to be on the bike everyday and I also need to plan my training in advance. I hated having to bend to the weather and having it determine my training.

Lately I have had some time to catch up on what is for sale right now in the USA. Answer: everything!! With the economy taking a dive, every second or third house has a little sign out the front, there are cars everywhere with signs in the windows, and everything you can imagine is on Craigslist and Ebay at ridiculous prices. I might be able to sneak my way in the back door of the housing industry without paying a million dollars for a one-bedroom shoebox a mile from the beach!!

I have managed to get a lot of rest after the Tour of California. Some of the rest had been planned, and the rest…well, not so much. I came out of the race with a bit of injury and that is never fun.

It was not a big deal at the beginning (the first week after the tour), but it becomes frustrating when an injury hangs around and takes over your real training/racing time. I am fortunate enough to have the OUCH Sports Medical Center and a health insurance company as sponsors, so I was looked after quite well. I'm all healed now, and am on the road back to fitness. A few races are now under the belt and I'm getting fitter, happier and healthier. Some good form will be coming soon... or should I say it had better?

We are into the US domestic race season now, and it is a strange year. With race sponsors pulling out for economic reasons, the calendar looks a little barren. A lot of gaps between races are opening up, and with that comes a challenge.... Training! Yep, I said it, training. I'd rather just race to keep myself in form than head out on mind messing training rides.

Call me lazy, but there is something pretty cool about getting all your big miles while in a race (goes by quicker). However, it looks like I will need to knuckle down, head out in this terrible Southern California warmth, and ride my butt up Mount Palomar a few times a week. Yes, I realize that things could be a lot worse!

The schedule, while a little up and down, still has me/us jetting off around the country to New Mexico, Arkansas, DC, Philly, Minnesota and so on. I do love racing here in the USA. I love the diversity of the different cities and states, the accents, the people, and traveling around the country in lycra/spandex with my best mates.

'Til next time, maybe from a smoke ridden hotel in Arkansas!

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