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USA Pro Challenge 2015: Stage 3


Welcome to Cyclingnews' live coverage of the USA Pro Challenge.

Welcome back for our live coverage of the USA Pro Challenge. Today's stage from the Copper Mountain Resort to Aspen reaches new heights, literally.

The climb to Independence Pass goes up over 12,000ft in altitude. Read more about the stage here!

CO fans/runners: it seems like some are at #USAProChallenge only to satisfy own narcissistic desires. Prove me wrong by cheering the riders!

@Benjm1 Wed, 19th Aug 2015 17:05:33

Riders were almost knocked down yesterday by a crazed fan wearing an inflated pool toy yesterday, so there has been a lot of calls for fans to just settle down and enjoy the show rather than trying to become involved in it.

Stay safe out there, folks. These guys are trying to do their jobs.

3 minutes to the neutral start, which is 2.9km today. Lots of fans at the start today, which is at the base of a ski hill. Riders are signing autographs and talking with each other.

The ever present bellowing voice of announcer Dave Towle is echoing through the ski resort, drowning out the cheers of the fans as the riders head off for their neutral lap.

The resort might be up high, but there are even higher peaks surrounding the place, and even snow visible up top.

The riders are off for the race proper, heading down "Fallen Heroes Highway".

Today's stage is 163.2km long, and heads straight up Fremont Pass from the flag. The first KOM is 10km in, meaning the fight for that mountains classification will be underway. Will Routley is in the red jersey today.

The green jersey is still on the shoulders of stage 1 winner Taylor Phinney, whose BMC teammate Brent Bookwalter assumed the race lead after winning yesterday's stage to Arapahoe Basin.

The best young rider went to Hugh Carthy (Caja Rural), most aggressive went to Nathan Brown (Cannondale-Garmin) and best Colorado rider is Rob Squire.

The riders are climbing up Fremont Pass, all together for the moment.

There isn't much pep in the peloton's step, perhaps the sleep at 9700ft left them feeling less than fresh. Altitude can give you crazy dreams and make you sleep poorly.

Any questions? Comments? Tweet to @cyclingnewsfeed and we'll do our best to answer.

Less than 5km to the KOM, and riders are being spat out the back regularly.

154km remaining from 163km

13 riders had an advantage heading up the climb but they were pulled back, and now it's together again with just over a kilometer to the summit.

The KOM standings overnight

1 Will Routley (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 18 pts
2 Daniel Summerhill (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling 16
3 Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling 14
4 Carson Miller (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman 14
5 Kyle Murphy (USA) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 13
6 Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team 12
7 Rohan Dennis (Aus) BMC Racing Team 10
8 Hugh Carthy (GBr) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 8
9 Michael Torckler (NZl) Team Budget Forklifts 7
10 Nathan Brown (USA) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team 7

There are 4,3,2 and 1 points for the cat 4 Fremont Pass.

Surely UnitedHealthcare will be keen to get points atop this climb. Independence Pass, however, will decide who has the red jersey since it's category 1 and has 15, 12, 10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points for the top 10 over the top.

Daniel Jaramillo (Jamis) is leading the bunch.

After they get over the climb, it's not an easy day to Aspen by any stretch of the imagination. They have a bunch of rollers en route to Leadville, where they have the first sprint.

UHC's Chris Jones told Cyclingnews, "Leadville, it's always windy up there, and it's slow motion racing because we are so high. And then everyone knows about Independence Pass because it's a monster. Clarke's a climber, we have Kiel the sprinter who can climb, he was one of 15 guys to make the front group on the first day. So we are going for stage win, KOM, and green jersey if Kiel wins the stage, so we have a full day, and full team plan. I think we can pull it off, we've been riding really well."

The KOM did not see any UHC riders in the front, however.

Mountain 1 - Fremont Pass (Cat. 4) km. 10

1. Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Jamis - Hagens Berman
2. Kyle Murphy (USA) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
3. Laurent Didier (Lux) Trek Factory Racing
4. Joseph Lewis (Aus) Hincapie Racing Team

153km remaining from 163km

Immediately 9 riders attack over the top of the climb.

RT @Cyclingnewsfeed: Michael Woods blog: Canadian talks about Tom Danielson and his experience at the Tour of Utah: …

@dnlbenson Wed, 19th Aug 2015 17:44:07

Jack Bobridge is on a tear today - he's made that group of 9 and is leading them on the descent. Nice work for a trackie.

The breakaway is:

Jack Bobridge (Team Budget Forklifts), Laurent Didier (Trek), Ted King (Cannondale-Garmin), Miguel Benito (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA), Kyle Murphy (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA), Timothy Roe (Drapac), Dion Smith (Hincapie), Daniel Jaramillo (Jamis - Hagens Berman) and Daniel Eaton (Axeon).

Once again, no UHC, so that plan seems to be going pear shaped.

The fast start will be painful for Pete Stetina, whose injury is much fresher than his teammate Taylor Phinney's.

Stetina told Cyclingnews today, I'm always nervous with uphill starts. This used to be my bread and butter but now I've started to think about survival. I showed I'm climbing better than I was at Utah already so I'm finally able to contribute and help the guys in the race instead of just be pack filler."

Eric Marcotte (SmartStop) has abandoned and we are hearing Eric Young (Optum) may have crashed. It's very difficult to get information on this side of the pass.

Novo Nordisk lost another rider, this time it's Brian Kamstra. They lost two yesterday and are down to only four now.

Eric Young has abandoned, too, bringing the peloton to only 110 riders.

134km remaining from 163km

We've got a correction to the breakaway - it's Acevedo, not King in there for Cannondale-Garmin, and Joe Lewis has joined Smith in there for Hincapie.

Another rider has abandoned, Guy Gabay from Cycling Academy heads into the car, leaving his team with five in the race.

130km remaining from 163km

After a hectic start, it looks as if the breakaway has settled in for a hard day at the office. The 10 riders have 2:40 on the peloton as they head down CO 91. They'll be taking a turn onto 24 soon, doing a lap around the Turquoise Resevoir rather than heading straight into Leadville.

Leadville is the home of several ultra-distance events, the Leadville 100 mountain bike race as well as the 100 running race.

The MTB race suffered a fatality when one rider, Scott Ellis, had a heart attack and could not be revived. Condolences to his family and friends.

127km remaining from 163km

The leaders passed the sign for Leadville where a big crowd was gathered to see them go by.

Dion Smith is the virtual leader on the road at the moment - he started the day 1:22 down on Bookwalter. Jaramillo is next best at 1:30, while the rest are much further behind.

The peloton is enjoying yet another ridiculously nice day in Colorado. The temperature is cool, in the 60's (F) and relative clear skies. There's a slight haze from some wild fires but otherwise clear.

Yeti off the front. What a magnificent day to watch these elite athletes crush Fremont Pass. #prochallenge...

@dardenne1021 Wed, 19th Aug 2015 18:12:15

Here's a snapshot from a fan.

Don't forget we have the Women's USA Pro Challenge coming up on Friday. The top women in the world will be here, including Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong.

They will take on the same TT course as the men on Friday in Breckenridge, then have a road stage and a criterium.

Perhaps in the future, the race will become part of the new Women's World Tour - read more about the tour here.

The leaders are on a twisty, technical descent hurtling along at a brisk pace. They'll have to climb back up into Leadville for the first intermediate sprint.

There is no breeze to worry about here, the racers are sheltered by thick pine forests on both sides as they twist and turn.

Even though it feels like the racers are deep in the heart of the wilderness, there are still costumed fans cheering them on. Why they choose to dress in costumes, we have no idea... maybe living at 10,000ft makes you nuttier than most.

116km remaining from 163km

47km into the race, the gap is holding steady at 3:00 for our 10 leaders.

The reason there are so many fans in these seemingly remote locations? They all ride bikes! Apparently hundreds are making their way up Independence Pass to see the race come by. It's going to be quite a scene up there.

The riders should be forewarned, the officials across the globe are cracking down on 'sticky bottles'.

In the Tour du Limousin, more than a dozen riders were fined for hanging onto their feeds longer than they should have. In this race, there were lots of warnings.

Cycling Academy racked up 250 Swiss Francs in fines for 'too much sugar in the bottles'.

We're not sure any of the riders in Colorado are taking part in the disc brake test. Trek is going to test them at the Vuelta a España, and Roompot already used them in the Eneco Tour.

Next year teams could have the option to use them, and Rotor has fittingly come out with its own hydraulic groupset that can do either rim or disc brakes. Read more about the Uno groupset here.

The gap to the break had dropped to 2 minutes, but then the peloton decided to call a natural break, so it went back out. Currently at 2:35.

100km remaining from 163km

The leaders pass the big Turquoise Resevoir, and they have just over 5km to the sprint.

None of the riders in this breakaway are contending for the green jersey.

Lachlan Norris (Drapac) spoke to Cyclingnews this morning about the wind, which is starting to pick up again. He's 17th overall after stage 2 at 57 seconds.

"I lost a bit of time yesterday which I wasn't too happy about. But again, it's more hills today at really high altitude so it's going to be a hard day," he said. "It's pretty windy so anything can happen, I wouldn't be surprised if something unexpected happened today."

97km remaining from 163km

The breakaway is heading into Leadville for sprint number 1, and there are lots of fans out lining the roads to cheer them along.

The crowd is having a grand time in Leadville, awaiting the sprint. It's quite raucous and rowdy.

93km remaining from 163km

We sadly neglected to add Jesus Hernandez into the breakaway list, but he's just won the sprint in Leadville. 'Won' is relative, there was no actual sprint, just the breakaway rolling on through.

Sprint 1 - Leadville, km. 69.2

1. Jesus Hernandez Blazquez (Spa) Tinkoff-Saxo
2. Kyle Murphy (USA) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
3. Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Jamis - Hagens Berman

The breakaway has been clicking along at a fairly good rate today - quick for altitude, that is. They're on track for a 23.5mph average today - think about that for a moment. On your typical hammerfest local group ride, you might average 24mph if you're lucky, right? 27 if you don't have to stop for intersections? These guys are going to climb a ridiculously huge mountain and a few smaller ones and still knock out that speed for their 'century' plus some.

Of course our peloton doesn't have the luxury of store stops or coffee breaks. They'll be picking up their lunch while on the go in about 5km.

They're speeding along at 34mph at the moment, hitting some rollers along the way out of Leadville.

The next sprint in Twin Lakes comes at kilometer 103.3.

84km remaining from 163km

The breakaway is being pushed along by a strong tailwind as they head down CO 24. That will turn into a punishing crosswind as they turn right onto CO 82.

Gap is out to 2:50 on the BMC-led peloton.

81km remaining from 163km

The tailwind made it very difficult for the breakaway to get a feed, in fact nobody even tried, they were going so quickly. They have their team cars to provide food, but the peloton will need to slow down some to get their musettes.

The descent along the Arkansas River looks like nothing much, but with the tailwind, it's very fast. They're doing 60kph.

It will be interesting to see which riders cope with the crosswind the best. Because the selection went on Fremont Pass, everyone in the move is on the smaller side, not exactly your Classics crew.

One rider went back to the caravan of eight riders following the breakaway, perhaps to get his lunch.

They're passing farms and ranches that look like they've been there for a century. Then again, things get pretty weathered quickly in this part of the world...

The gap is out to 3:20 as the peloton behind gets food.

RT @bradsohner: This guy almost took out the peloton yesterday. Not cool. Please, respect the riders. #ProChallenge

@USAProChallenge Wed, 19th Aug 2015 19:16:25

75km remaining from 163km

The rider has rejoined the leaders, making the front group 11 again. They should enjoy this tailwind while they can, because in about 5km it's all going to change.

The wind is howling through the plains, and to the riders' right they can see a couple 14,000ft mountains - Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive - it truly is massive.

70km remaining from 163km

The riders just made the turn onto CO 82 and in addition to the pain of losing the crosswind they have the insult of having to go uphill. This could cause some havoc in the peloton behind...

It's game on time - the sprint in 10km will be just about the last flat bit of road the peloton will enjoy. Then, it's straight up Independence Pass.

They're technically climbing the 'easy' side today and the 'hard' side on the way out of Aspen tomorrow, but either way it's a beast.

Independence Pass is 26.6km long from this direction, and climbs from 2800m to 3686m in altitude. That's gonna make their ears pop!

Luckily there are some hills to the riders' right that are sheltering them somewhat, but the breakaway is still in an echelon, working together to battle the breeze.

We're told that it's so windy on Independence Pass that the race organisers can't erect the usual KOM banner across the road. This should be fun!

65km remaining from 163km

The leaders see 5km to go until the sprint. That's 5.1km to go until the start of the climb, too. (cue ominous music).

So far we're not hearing of any action in the peloton. The gap has been bouncing around between 3 minutes and 3:35, where it stands at the moment. 

That's the maximum gap so far today.

#ProChallenge @evanhuffman doing a great job looking after @RBinhd as the race heats up #ThisMuchPower

@TeamSmartStop Wed, 19th Aug 2015 19:40:39

Team Smartstop posted a video of Mike Creed passing the peloton, which is lined out single file behind BMC.

61km remaining from 163km

The leaders are still on the gradual descent to Twin Lakes, but the wind is making them have to work to get there. 1km to go to the sprint.

The leaders have made it through the sprint and will then head straight up- up- up- and away up Independence Pass.

The leaders rolled through the sprint, but were out of the saddle immediately after, getting ready to head up the climb. It starts out steeper, then levels out some before kicking up near the top. That top is, however, 26.6 long kilometers away.

Sprint 2 - Twin Lakes, km. 103.3

1. Daniel Jaramillo (Col) Jamis - Hagens Berman
2. Kyle Murphy (USA) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
3. Laurent Didier (Lux) Trek Factory Racing

The breakaway has set a new max gap at 4:10.

The Independence Pass climb from this direction averages around 5%, depending on where you start it. They're grinding up it while the peloton prepares to pounce.

Last time we did the Independence Pass stage Tommy D won. Saw him come through the break I was in like a rocket.

@matthewlcooke Wed, 19th Aug 2015 19:49:47

It's like you're there. The view from Independence Pass. #Day3 #ProChallenge #Colorado

@Whispbar Wed, 19th Aug 2015 19:50:33

The road is twisting and turning, changing the wind from headwind, which the leaders have now, to cross and even tailwind.

3:30 to the peloton now as we wait for reports on the action back there. Surely UnitedHealthcare has a plan to attack.

The gap is dropping down to 2:41 as BMC puts pressure on the main field for their overall leader Brent Bookwalter.

The main climb of the day is looming ahead of the riders - Independence Pass, which is 12,095ft of altitude before dropping into Aspen.

Tim Roe is taking his turn on the front of the breakaway group. But the efforts of the escapees isn't enough to contend with the chase from behind because the gap keeps dropping. They only hold 2:17 minutes now.

BMC is lined up nicely at the front of the field, and UnitedHealthcare has sent only one rider to help out, Tanner Putt.


45km remaining from 163km

Jesus Hernandez, one of Alberto Contador's climbing domestiques, leads the breakaway on the climb. It's still pretty gradual but riders have to get out of the saddle from time to time. A surge has split the break.

Joe Lewis was shot out the back by that acceleration which was marked by his teammate Dion Smith. It's Bobridge and Didier up in the lead.

Bobridge currently holds the world record for the individual pursuit, and while he didn't quite make the hour record - he went out too hard - he's got a huge engine. The gradient will suit him for now.

Budget Forklifts was formerly a regional Australian team, but they branched out a bit this year, bringing in the country's top track riders to prepare them for Rio next year.

They're not the only Australian team in the race - Drapac are also from Down Under.

41km remaining from 163km

This trio - Bobridge, Smith and Didier - have built up 25 seconds on the chasers, the peloton at 2:30 now. Still 10km more to climb, and it's the hardest 10km.

Didier is no strange to the USA Pro Challenge. Last year he won a rainy, nasty stage to Breckenridge. He's enjoying much nicer weather today.

The leaders are on a flatter section of the climb and have pulled out 50 seconds on their chasers, with the peloton still hanging back at 2:37.

One Caja Rural rider in the chase group is having a fit of anger that the others aren't working well enough.

BMC hasn't broken up the bunch yet - Unitedhealthcare has a man on the front to control the gap. They'll want to set up Reijnen to see if he can repeat his stage win in Aspen of last year.

Roe heads to the front of the chase group and strings it out, but we're afraid it's too little, too late. Bobridge is on a tear - he looks over to his left down the switchback and could wave hello (or goodbye) if he felt cheeky.

They're about to hit the more serious part of the climb - the altitude is starting to bite as Didier pulls the leaders to 55 seconds over the chasers. His effort is hurting Bobridge and Smith.

37km remaining from 163km

Didier has distanced the other two by quite a few seconds with that surge. The Luxembourger is out of the saddle looking strong.

The Eurosport commentators have pointed out that this climb is 1000m higher than the Col du Galibier. That's a Rocky Mountain high!

Formolo attacks from the peloton. Looks like he's finally acclimated to the altitude.

Looks like Acevedo and Lewis were dropped from the chasing group, but that group is losing ground on Didier - now at 1:00.

36km remaining from 163km

Formolo isn't looking too smooth now - he sees 5km to the top of the climb, and the peloton can see him.

Up ahead, Didier will get the first shot at the tricky descent down to Aspen.

Remarkably, Phinney is still in the peloton.

Jonny Clarke keeps watch on Bookwalter as they sweep past Formolo. Bruno Pires (Tinkoff) is next in line.

Fans cheer on Didier, he can look to his right down the switchback and see Bobridge and Smith, just 15 seconds behind but it seems so much farther.

Next group is at 1:15, with the peloton closing in at 1:50.

Didier is a fan of descending - he had a great drop into Breckenridge last year, in the rain no less. He's well prepared to take it on.

The chase with Jaramillo is really only 15 seconds ahead of the yellow jersey.

Rohan Dennis is on domestique duty for Bookwalter today, leading the entire time up the climb. It helps him to have a steady pace, and not have to respond to surges again and again. He's a steady-state time trialist.

The chase group with Jaramillo et al have been caught.

We're sure the gap to the leader is under a minute by now.

Lachlan Morton is still in the main peloton, as is best young rider Hugh Carthy who is 4th on GC behind Bookwalter, Dennis and Clarke.

Didier is no threat at 13 minutes down on GC.

33km remaining from 163km

We haven't had eyes on Robbie Squire - but there's an attack from the Caja Rural rider Molina.

1km to go for Didier to the top of the climb! It'll be a quick 32km to the finish.

Didier is going all out now, knowing that he can regain his breath on the descent somewhat. It's still work going down a big mountain like this, but more a test of will and wits than physical strength.

Lachlan Morton has attacked the yellow jersey.

The crowds are huge on top of the mountain and Didier is going through a tunnel of fans and noise. He grabs a bottle from his soigneur and gets ready to descend.

Lachlan Morton has caught the two chasers but the peloton is not far behind at all.

Morton just left those two behind like they were standing still. The Caja Rural rider is back with Bobridge and Smith, not very far ahead of the peloton.

It's so hard to tell who is where, but we're sure Didier is out front - he's blasting down the descent taking all sorts of risks.

Dennis leads Bookwalter in the group chasing - no time gap yet.

Morton is doing a super aero tuck, sitting on his top tube. Didier has a more traditional stance.

Phinney by the way, let go mid-way up the climb and is at 4:00, but the chasing yellow jersey group has grown from six to about 16 riders.

27km remaining from 163km

Morton's superman aero tuck worked! He's caught Didier.

The yellow jersey group is picking up Morton and Didier. All together thanks to Dennis!

Bobridge managed to stay in the yellow jersey group, we have two Caja Rural teammates with Hugh Carthy, a Smartstop rider and a Hincapie rider, likely Smith, and one UHC rider.

One rider attacks.

There's also one Cannondale rider in the yellow jersey group, Formolo, Jonny Clarke (UHC), and Bernard from Trek.

Attack from Gavin Mannion and he's marked by the Caja Rural rider.

The move didn't stick, and the pace of Dennis sweeps the group past Benito and Mannion.

The descent is flatter here and straight, so the riders take a little breather.

Caja Rural have the numbers in this group - while BMC has only Dennis and Bookwalter, the Spanish team have three.

The road begins to twist and turn again - time to pay attention!

The stage at the moment is quite similar to last year's stage to Aspen, except that Kiel Reijnen isn't in the mix.

While the finish looks flat on the profile, it's by no means an easy approach. After climbing a huge mountain then getting legs cold on the descent, the little poppers in Aspen will hurt.

16km remaining from 163km

Just 16km to go and most of it still heading down the mountain. The road is much more narrow now, with big rocks piled on the side. Lovely trees line the road, the famous Aspens in there that give the town its name.

There's been another surge from Hincapie - we're not sure if riders are catching back and going to the front - seems much bigger lead group than before - maybe 30 riders now.

Two Drapac riders made it in. Two more Hincapie riders we think. 

Looks like Michael Woods made it back in for Optum, the orange helmet is a giveaway. There are a couple more Jamis riders, and one or two more UHC riders.

The speed is too high and road too narrow and twisty to get numbers, unfortunately. We're sure Kyle Murphy is there because hes' on the back hanging on for dear life. Bobridge is there, too.

12km remaining from 163km

One rider is ticking off the front but BMC brushes past. It was a Caja Rural rider. BMC added one with that chase back.

Marco Canola nipped off the front but Michael Schär caught him and gave him a glance.

8km remaining from 163km

It will be a big sprint for the finish today, the mere 7800ft in altitude will feel like a wealth of oxygen. Who's the best sprinter in this group?

The Hincapie riders have three, and they're sticking close to each other. Rob Britton we think is there for SmartStop. He's no slouch in a tough finish.

Reijnen is here!

We'll see if BMC are feeling generous and sit back in the sprint. There are no time bonuses, so Bookwalter merely needs to stay on the wheels.

5km remaining from 163km

Just over 5km to go and it looks like so many more - there's no lead-out yet.

Attack Axeon.

If you recall - last year two riders attacked and got away - it's Bobridge and Rohan Dennis. Two of the world's best pursuiters off the front?!

This is going to be hard to close down - who has the power to bring these two back? Can Canola and Clarke reel them in for Reijnen or not?

They're certainly not messing around.

Dennis just sat on Bobridge then started looking around. Another attack.

Morton has attacked and Dennis needs to take this seriously.

Morton's attack was marked and Reijnen is up there.

2km remaining from 163km

All back together with 2.9km to go.

Jelly Belly counter from Mannion.

It's once again the job of UHC to reel the attackers in, and that leaves Reijnen without help for the sprint.

Looks like it's coming back togehter. 2km to go!

It's the skinny form of Janez Brajkovic leading the bunch as Morton surges once again.

BMC has control heading into the final kilometer with Bookwalter third wheel behind his two teammates.

The cross streets have some big dips, and a tight bend shuffles some riders out.

Reijnen is in a great position, he knows this road.

Axeon opens up the sprint.

Reijnen hits the front with perfect timing and repeats his 2014 win!

Bookwalter finished safely in the bunch and keeps the race lead. The Axeon rider is kikcing himself - Owen it was. He's not happy to have messed that up after all that hard work.

Big hugs all around in the UHC huddle. That was a great display of teamwork.

Reijnen was unhappy to be beaten on the opening stage. He may be in the points jersey after this stage.

It was Dennis in second with Ruben Zepunkte third, with Owen in a photo finish for fourth with the Trek rider.

Rob Squire in the best Colorado rider jersey was up there too, so he'll keep his position on GC.

Reijnen will be in green tomorrow, Bookwalter in yellow. Hugh Carthy made the group and will be best young rider, Squire likely best Colorado rider again, and in the mountains jersey Routley. Didier fell shy by one points of taking the red jersey.

Stage 3 results
1 Kiel Reijnen (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling 03:56:52
2 Rohan Dennis (Aus) BMC Racing Team
3 Ruben Zepuntke (Ger) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
4 Logan Owen (USA) Axeon Cycling Team
5 Julian Arredondo Moreno (Col) Trek Factory Racing
6 Ryan Anderson (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
7 Dion Smith (NZl) Hincapie Racing Team
8 Toms Skujins (Lat) Hincapie Racing Team
9 Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team
10 Marco Canola (Ita) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling

General classification after stage 3
1 Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team
2 Rohan Dennis (Aus) BMC Racing Team
3 Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling
4 Hugh Carthy (GBr) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
5 Robbie Squire (USA) Hincapie Racing Team
6 Lachlan David Morton (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis
7 Jaime Roson (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
8 Davide Formolo (Ita) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
9 Julian Arredondo Moreno (Col) Trek Factory Racing
10 Julien Bernard (Fra) Trek Factory Racing

Tomorrow's stage from Aspen goes back over Independence Pass and on to Breckenridge for another very big day in the saddle. 202.5km in length, three major climbs - it should be a good one!

Thanks for reading!

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