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Bishop and Waite tie for first place

Vet Expert men's podium at the Massanutten Hoo Ha!

Vet Expert men's podium at the Massanutten Hoo Ha! (Image credit: Chris Scott)

Jeremiah Bishop and Cassie Smith won the cross country race at the Massanutten Hoo Ha! on Sunday.

Bishop spent much of his day with fellow Harrisonburg local Nick Waite. The two worked together to distance the competition and go one-two.

"Nick opened it up on the climb and I opened it up on the downhill on the first lap," said Bishop, "then we worked together to get rid of the guys and make it a two-man race."

"We were together the whole time. At the top of the mountain, I said I never got to thank him for the help here last year. I told him that at the least, I owed him first place prize money. Technically, I got the first place and he got the first place prize money."

Bishop was on his eighth day of racing in a row after completing the seven-day Trans-Sylvania Epic in Pennsylvania.

"I had no clue what my legs would be like. I wanted to bring the Trans-Sylvania leader's jersey home and do a parade ride. I saved a little yesterday and was riding careful. I wanted to come back to my home race on my home trails. I couldn't miss out on it, but I didn't have a lot of snap."

"Now I'm ready for a big time rest week."

Scott Frederick finished third in the men's race.

In the women's contest, Cassie Smith took off from the start and never looked back on her way to winning. Susan Musante chased alone in second place while Shiela Scott earned third.  The three riders motivated themselves by racing the other nearby men.

"My race was awesome. The trails were fast and fun," said Smith, who is coached by local Sue Haywood, who was absent from the race after completing the Trans-Sylvania Epic. "I didn't see any other women after I went off the front. I rode smoothly from the start and was chasing some guys."

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop1:56:34
2Nick Waite0:00:22
3Scott Frederick0:06:42
4Bradford Perley0:06:51
5Alex Ryan0:07:29
6Ryan Fawley0:08:48
7Keith Jennings0:08:49
8Jordan Kahlenberg0:14:56
9Pat Miller0:16:10
10Martin Kell0:18:26
11Jed Prentice0:18:46
12Scott Hoffner0:18:59
13Jon Gdowik0:20:53
14Collin Becker0:26:39
15Jay Catlett0:33:09
16Joseph Grimes0:40:26
17Byron Rice0:42:13
18Andrew Devier-Scot0:54:53
DNFRoss Anderson
DNFJeff Dickey
DNFWilson Hale
DNFErik Jensen
DNFTerry Kolb
DNSJeff Pendlebury
DNFBryan Underwood
DNFDave Weaver
DNFMichael Runnals
DNFWesley Lamberson
DNFMatthew Bailey

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cassie Smith2:35:24
2Susan Musante0:12:54
3Sheila Scott0:21:14
4Misty Tilson0:29:10
5Paula Smith0:45:13
6Grace Ragland0:46:00
7Jennifer Whedbee0:49:30
8Pam Frentzel-Beyme0:51:00
9Anne Mader1:14:27
DNFJennie Belt

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jason Millington1:19:55
2Robert Maye0:16:28
3Jason Thorne0:20:21

Expert junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Connor Bell2:16:36
2Kyle Miller0:16:17
DNFJacob Ehlinger

Expert men 35+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Jenkins2:20:57
2Mike Capraro0:02:14
3Brent Williamson0:02:54
4Dave Oneill0:04:40
5Bill Marciniak0:06:51
6Tom Richeson0:10:57
7Chris Scott0:14:06
8Christopher King0:15:01
9Travis Mitchel0:20:21
10Spinning Lizard0:20:55
11Michael Cosgrove0:21:19
12Ken Bell0:22:03
13Scott Stahl0:22:14
14Andrew Stackhouse0:27:32
15Richard Pence0:35:15
16Chris Smead0:52:59
17Bradley Arehart1:09:26
18Paul Morris1:22:39
19David Kirkpatrick1:48:16
DNFJoe Therrell
DNSJason Berry
DNSPaul Johnston
DNSMatt Lough
DNSDavid Olsen
DNSEric Schofield
DNFClarke Tanner
DNFMatt Trybus
DNSColby Waller

Beginner Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Sjoerdsma0:48:18
2Damon Pearson0:00:07
3Carl Roach0:00:21
4Nolan Felts0:03:21
5Joel Davis0:03:29
6Rodd Kugler0:07:01
7Steven Cook0:07:45
8D.Travis Layman0:09:47
9Marty Neary0:11:17
10Eric Beckmann0:11:50
11Tom Riddle0:12:36
12Acror Zdinak0:13:06
13Robert Vay0:13:16
14John Thompson0:14:07
15Jordan Fuhr0:16:04
16Bryan Vay0:19:23
17Fred Waldron0:20:56
18Rich Hall0:22:14
19John Cloutier0:22:54
20Joel Geisert0:30:23
DNSScott Davison
DNSRobert Smith
DNSSebastian Sturges

Beginner women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Croft0:53:40
2Melissa Milan0:01:47
3Cathy Hovis0:06:56
4Elaine Hess0:10:57
5Marti Merritt0:13:25
6River Mason Hopkins0:16:13
7Christine Neary0:22:39
8Jomarie Hoholik1:21:18

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Bobb1:29:04
2Phil Ehlinger0:00:20
3Justin Campbell0:06:27
4Travis Muhler0:13:04
5Michael Willi0:19:36
6Michael Yriart0:25:31

Women first timers
#Rider Name (Country) Team
DNSNicole Davison

Men first timers
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matthew Kennedy0:50:25
2Dave Wilson0:18:43
3Douglas Ritcher0:19:37
4Luke Minter0:28:47

Junior men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Austin Bell0:49:20
3Breton Nicholas0:15:37
4Dominick Desimone0:16:44
5Walker Thompson0:31:59
6Jake Bowen0:36:13
7Brennan Sharp1:09:30
8Cameron Hoholik-Ca1:25:29

Junior women 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sadie Crockett1:25:56

Junior sport men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Clair Walizer 41:11:40
2Jonas Zimmermann0:02:48
3Derek Elliott0:09:13
4Andrew Bobb0:10:57
5Adam Croft0:11:09
6Dakota Detwiler0:16:44
7Cameron Ritcher0:16:58
8Travis Carmichael0:25:40
9Tyler Arnold0:31:23
10Drew Cloutier0:54:27

Junior sport women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
DNFEmily Croft

Sport men 19-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeff Plassman1:15:18
2Joshua Teets0:00:07
3Josh Doorly0:01:57
4Andrew Massonneau0:03:37
5Will Hagy0:04:41
6Kylan Shirley0:05:16
7Ryan Douglas0:06:43
8Matthew Mccorkle0:11:12
9Brian Weisgerber0:12:16
10Steve Simmons0:13:17
11Mark Scafidi0:13:28
12Nathan Wigley0:15:27
13Shaun Strippel0:17:47
14Samuel Rhoades0:19:02
15Jonathan Garrett0:23:46
16Robert Medlin0:25:37
17Michael Bowen0:26:33
18Hunter Mccardle0:26:54
19Lester Brown0:30:32
20Matt Juaneza0:30:37
21John Scott0:33:03
22Kazuo Suzuki0:35:12
23Kevin Ford0:56:21
DnsTimothy Jansen
DnfBrian Lancaster
DnsJason Sliwa
DnfPaul Stanley

Sport men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Fisher1:16:09
2Jeffrey Sheehan0:06:16
3Bob Smith0:08:07
4Scott Hetherington0:08:08
5Luther Barden0:08:35
6Joe Hoskins0:10:10
7Steven Stein0:12:16
8Jim Mitchell0:12:51
9Clair Walizer0:13:25
10Paul Croft0:13:29
11David Osgood0:13:30
12Marc Stecker0:13:36
13Chip Rice0:15:14
14Eric Turcotte0:17:14
15Donald Loomis0:19:20
16Glen Hobart0:21:50
17Jon Hicks0:22:01
18Christopher Masson0:22:05
19Ludek Kolesa0:22:07
20Jeffrey Smith0:24:04
21Barry Nobles0:24:43
22Frank Krajcirovic0:28:58
23Patrick Gunn0:32:59
24Tom Licata0:34:16
25Tommy Thompson0:41:29
26Barry Frazier0:47:08
27Allen Mccorkle0:47:48
28Tim House0:52:57
29Jon Devier-Scott0:58:21
30Wade Carmichael1:07:56
DNFSteven Prestyly

Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Snyder1:39:43
2Brandy Adams0:05:33
3Sonya Gagnon0:10:00
4Arden Sperty0:22:57
5Lisa Stover0:28:41
DNFRebecca Walizer


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