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O'Connor wins Gravity East round at Spring Mount

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Launch Bike Park in Pennsylvania hosted the latest GES race.

Launch Bike Park in Pennsylvania hosted the latest GES race. (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)
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Vance Nonno in action

Vance Nonno in action (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)
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Anne Galyean (Gravity East Pros/Trek) wins the women's race

Anne Galyean (Gravity East Pros/Trek) wins the women's race (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)
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Logan Mulally (Specialized/GROM)

Logan Mulally (Specialized/GROM) (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)
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Lars Tribus (GT Bicycles)

Lars Tribus (GT Bicycles) (Image credit: Matt DeLorme)

Gravity East Series #7 was held at Launch Bike Park in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania. Anne Galyean (Gravity East Pros/Trek) and Leland O'Connor (KGB/SLO/E13) won the elite women's and men's contest.

There were just two women in the elite category (although Lauren Daney was on-site, she opted to wait for the nationals next weekend), so it was a battle between Galyean and Hilary Elgert (Racer's Edge). Although Galyean struggled with an injury and fought through the pain from an incident during Saturday's practice session, she pulled it together for the win and is the GE Series leader going into the finals at Blue Mountain. Others in the elite women's category do still have a shot at the pro purse including Elgert, Rae Gandolf (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) and Lauren Daney (Specialized Grom Team).

In the elite men's category, 11 men raced on a track that was short so even the slightest mistake would change the outcome.

It was an ongoing battle with O'Connor, Harrison Reynolds (Horns Hill/Spin Bike Shop), Jason Beckley (Kenda/Fox Racing Shox) in first, second and third going into the finals.

The finals will be held on a track designed by Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing Team) on October 1-2.

Full Results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anne Gaylen (East Coast Gravity/Trek Gaithersburg)0:01:58.00
2Hillary Elgert (Racer's Edge)0:00:21.71

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leland O'Connor (KGB/SLO/E13)0:01:25.00
2Jason Scheiding (Fast Line Racing/Ind)0:00:02.09
3Harrison Reynolds (Horns Hill)0:00:02.42
4Logan Mulally (Specialized/GROM)0:00:03.19
5Brian Yannuzzi (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:04.29
6Jason Beckley (Kenda USA)0:00:04.57
7Lars Tribus (GT Bicycle)0:00:05.14
8David Flynn (Paul Mitchell/FTW/At)0:00:07.02
9B.J. Treglia (Gung Ho Bike/ODI/Spy)0:00:09.54
10Chris Higgerson (xprezo/TLD)0:00:10.75
11Alex Moschitti (Dr Evan Chiropratic)0:00:15.35
DNFJustin Gregory (7Springs/Trek)

Cat. 1 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephanie Sowels (KSL/IXS Sports Divis)0:02:05.57
2Elinor Zeller0:00:09.67
3Christy Allebach (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:09.70

Cat. 1 men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nikolas Dudukovich (One Ghost Industries/ HT/Port Matilda)0:01:27.73
2Ray Syron (Sinister - United Fr)0:00:00.75
3Sam Skidmore (Shenandoah Bicycle C)0:00:03.57
4Michael Barron (Generation Gap Racing)0:00:05.37
5Noah Fairburn (High Gear Racing)0:00:05.67
6Jimmy Leslie (Specialized/GROM)0:00:16.66
7Robert Lewis (7Springs/Trek)0:00:45.23

Cat. 1 men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nick D'emidio0:01:33.29
2Vance Nonno (xFusion/Oakley/Kenda)0:00:00.17
3Erik Rutherford0:00:01.57
4Chad Mccurdy (Guys Racing)0:00:02.24
5Burke Sanders0:00:04.70
6Andrew Slowey (Oliver Racing/Banshee BikMartinsville)0:00:08.36
7Richard Patty (Oliver Racing/Banshee BikEast Lyme)0:00:08.89
8Stephen Solt (South Mountain Cycles/CycBanner Elk)0:00:10.60
9Eric Allocco (MRP/Spy/O'Neal/Azoni)0:00:10.81
10Kevin Cockerham (Sinical Racing)0:00:11.01
11Scott Bureau (Oliver Racing/Banshee BikOld Lyme)0:00:30.00

Cat. 1 men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Liebig (Fox shox racing/ Racers EHavre de Grace)0:01:33.60
2(413 Thomas SCHUELER Factory Trashbag Racing Baldwin)0:00:00.27
3Lane Boertmann (Gravity East)0:00:06.66
4Mike Hummel (Racer's Edge)0:00:08.64
5Jeremy Fahey (Brooklyn Machine Wor)0:00:10.99
6Fred Heinly (Reading Racing)0:00:14.93

Cat. 1 men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jacob Dallegro (Sinical Racing)0:01:38.64
2Dane Clay (Reading Racing)0:00:02.10
3Ted Briggs (Generation Gap Racing/LupLebanon)0:00:06.25
4Tony Pajakinas (Reading Racing)0:00:09.44
5Frank Enderson (Fast Line Racing/HBG)0:00:15.43
6George Bodycoat0:00:26.66
DNSStefan Cihylik

Cat. 2 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Duffy (Goon Monster Racing)0:01:44.04
2Adam Delonais0:00:00.57
3Steve Clayton0:00:02.41
4Connor Gorman0:00:05.79
5Sam Stokoe (Dave Flynn)0:00:06.15
6Sawyer Alix (Cutting Edge Cycles)0:00:07.45
7Mitch Kachele0:00:12.51
8Tom Earlie (Dave Flynn)0:00:14.61
9Kohl Aumer (Pro-Bikes)0:00:14.99
10Ben Bodycoat (Cutting Edge Cycles)0:00:18.64
11Nick Gray (Factory Trashbag Racing Aberdeen)0:00:27.07
12Lucas H Herbert0:00:50.73

Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Ertel (East Bound & Down Racing Bethel)0:01:37.69
2Corey Zell (Racer's Edge)0:00:00.19
3Dan Becker (Guys Bicycles)0:00:01.46
4Matt Rush0:00:02.18
5Brandon Sbordone (Oliver Racing/Banshee BikCheshire)0:00:02.79
6Ryan Wolstenholme0:00:06.70
7Michael Oliver (Oliver Racing/Banshee BikClinton)0:00:09.76
8Sam Slivinski0:00:12.02
9Joseph Burkell (XFusion/GOPRO/FOX)0:00:14.17
10Jason Hartman (Mulally Brother's)0:00:18.00
DNSDaniel Waskiewicz (Tractionmag)

Cat. 2 men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Colby Barth (Lavnch)0:01:42.67
2Lou Harris0:00:04.96
3Ben Weaver (Bunny Hop Bikes)0:00:06.60
4Tom Nieri (Knolly Bikes)0:00:06.94
5Jamie Jones0:00:08.85
6Chad Hawicak0:00:12.80
7Michael Cheney0:02:16.87

Cat. 2/3 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Jones (Monster Energy)0:02:39.39
2Heather Cowell (Team Moggie)0:00:06.45
3Elixandria Porru (Mobilebici)0:00:11.78
4Jennel Santos (Team Marty's Racing)0:00:16.93

Cat. 2/3 men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Carafa (Antdog DH Cycle Expr)0:02:15.24
2David Gray0:00:04.92
3Stephen Coleman (Flying Dog/Gravity S)0:00:07.00
4Alan Daum (
5Joe Olivas (Morpheus Cycles)0:00:09.17
6Todo Boucher (Trek/Alpinestars)0:00:47.21

Cat. 3 Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Ruch (Team Demo)0:01:46.00
2Jack Savin (DBD Riding)0:00:00.25
3Lucas Bayus0:00:05.76
4Brian Anthony0:00:08.15
5Brian Merritt (Centry Road Club)0:00:08.36
6Max Heckler (Launch)0:00:20.90
7Michael Ruch (Team Demo)0:00:32.13
8Jake Taney0:00:50.42
9Sam Houston0:01:08.81
10Jake Miller0:01:18.52
11Josh Fieseher0:01:53.20

Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicholas Zinzer (Generation Gap Racing)0:01:45.80
2Rj Harris (Red House Racing)0:00:01.85
3Matthew Schaar0:00:12.20
4Tim Weaver (Gung Ho Bike/ODI/Spy)0:00:29.69
5Andrew Schmidt (Guys Racing Club)0:00:43.71

Cat. 3 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Reinhart0:01:45.98
2Fred Mudd (Red House Bikes/Nema)0:00:03.34
3Ron Wesner0:00:07.09
4Gregory Gaudreau0:00:39.13
5Matthew Shirk (Skyline Bikes/ Spy OpticsMohnton)0:00:56.36

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