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Video: Zabriskie and Vaughters at Garmin-Cervelo 2012 launch

Dave Zabriskie at the Garmin presentation

Dave Zabriskie at the Garmin presentation (Image credit: Casey Gibson/Garmin)

David Zabriskie gave his all in appreciation of Garmin-Cervelo team CEO Jonathan Vaughters.  The American gave a spirited rendition of an altered version of "Proud Mary" at the team gala Thurdsday night in Boulder, Colorado, calling it "a song for Jonathan, since he 'keeps it turning'."

The other team members and audience chimed in on the chorus of "Rollin' on the Garmin..." 

On a more serious note, Vaughters presented his list of firsts for the team.  Amongst them, the team will be "the first to empathize and forgive," and "the first to treat our riders as equals."  The audience cheered as he concluded that the team will be the first "in showing that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog!"