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Vandenbroucke: Three persons arrested in connection to death

Frank Vandenbroucke, 34, died Monday, October 12

Frank Vandenbroucke, 34, died Monday, October 12 (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

In connection to Frank Vandenbroucke's death, police arrested three persons yesterday in Thies, Senegal, for stealing his money and mobile telephones. One person was the woman who passed the last night, Sunday, with Belgian Vandenbroucke.

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"The girl took one or two phones and money. But when she left [Monday] at dawn, she said he was still alive," an anonymous police source told AFP.

The police arrested two men along with the woman in Thies, 70 kilometres east of Dakar.

Staff at a seaside hotel in Saly (70 kilometres south of Dakar) found Vandenbroucke dead Monday. He travelled to Senegal on Sunday for vacation with a cyclist friend, Fabio Polazzi.