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UCI wins legal battle against Voet

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has confirmed its judgement of October 2004, again ruling in favour of the UCI in its case against former Festina soigneur Willy Voet. The latter had claimed in his book, Massacre à la chaîne, that the previous UCI president Hein Verbruggen had been linked with the establishment of antedated medical prescriptions for the administration of lidocaïne in the Laurent Brochard case, and that they had tried to suppress the facts and circumstances of this same case.

In October 2004, the court ruled that Voet's allegations were false, and ordered him to take out those words in his book. Voet appealed, but it was rejected on May 4, 2006. He has now been ordered to pay an indemnity of € 15,000 if he violates any of the court rulings. In addition, he has been ordered to pay all court costs.