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Two Kazakh amateurs arrested in France

Tour de Franche-Comté

Tour de Franche-Comté

Two amateur Kazakh riders have been arrested for “smuggling and use of doping products” by French authorities. They were on their way to the Tour de Franche-Comté for their team, Charvieu Chavagneux IC.

According to the AFP news agency, a search of their luggage in Audelange, Jura, uncovered performance-enhancing drugs which are outlawed in France, but are legal in some other countries. The exact products discovered were not released.

Both riders were held for detention and then released. Their home in Isère was also raided.

The names of the two riders were not released. One of them is a 26-year-old who is said to have ridden a year for Team Astana. The other is a 25-year-old, who only recently moved to France, at his friend's recommendation, and is said to have previously ridden for continental teams and the Ulan- based team Capec.