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Superweek underway with Rock in control

By Mark Zalewski in Olympia Fields, Illinois

The International Cycling Classic, affectionately known as Superweek, is underway in the American midwest. Three days of the 18 total are in the books and Rock Racing is taking control early with Sterling Magnell leading the overall into the third race with Rahsaan Bahati leading the points competition. Magnell won the opening criterium in Beverly outside Chicago, while Bahati won the next day's crit in nearby Blue Island.

"We're here to win the overall," said Bahati. "Last year we were second and we want to top that." For the first three days the two leaders only have one more teammate in Justin Williams, making it tough to control. "It's not easy to control. You get guys who you don't know that are good and you might miss out. It's been tough the first two days because we only have three guys."

The other pro team with multiple riders here is Kelly Benefits-Medifast, led by longtime Superweek rider Alex Candelario. "Kelly looks good and they ride good together - they have a cohesive team. Right now we are riding like we don't have the jerseys."

Luckily for Bahati he and Magnell will have help starting Monday. "The racing is starting off on a good note and we have some reinforcements arriving tomorrow. We'll have Peter Dawson, Jeremiah Wiscovitch, Adam Switters, Kevin Klein, Brock Curry and maybe another guy. But really this is good training because the overall goal is to win Downers Grove."