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Schumacher has more time to ask for B-sample analysis

Stefan Schumacher has a bit more time to ask for his B-sample of his positive doping test to be analysed. The usual five-day period has been doubled for Schumacher and he will have to demand the B-sample analysis with the French Anti-Doping agency (AFLD) directly, rather than through his national federation.

The reason for this change in procedure is the fact that the Tour de France was not held under UCI regulation this year. Therefore, the French rules apply for the doping procedures. AFLD gives athletes who live in a foreign country ten days to ask for the B-sample.

Schumacher had received documents from the French prosecution one week ago, which his lawyer, Michael Lehner, forwarded to the German federation (BDR). After checking with AFLD, the UCI (international cycling union) and NADA (German national anti-doping agency) the BDR will wait before deciding on any further action. "The 2008 Tour de France was not done under UCI regulation, but under French national law. AFLD will forward the results to us after they are done with their investigations," said BDR's Secretary-General Martin Wolf.