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Rabobank ordered to pay Rasmussen fees

Dane Michael Rasmussen, 34, to receive payment

Dane Michael Rasmussen, 34, to receive payment (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

A Dutch court justice ordered that Team Rabobank had the right to fire 2007 Tour de France leader Michael Rasmussen, but that the 34 year-old Danish cyclist was entitled to €700,000 in contract fees and interest, according to Agr.

The decision was based on last month's court hearing.

Rasmussen was withdrawn from the 2007 Tour de France after being fired by his team for missing three pre-race anti-doping controls. He reportedly missed two controls carried out by the Danish Cycling Federation and one by the International Cycling Union (UCI).

Yesterday, he was suspended for two years for the missed controls by the Monaco cycling federation, with whom he carries a racing licence.