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Mondraker's Grommy is an electric balance mountain bike

Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike
Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike (Image credit: Mondraker)

Mondraker has done the unexpected and launched a range of electric balance mountain bikes. The Spanish brand, best known as one of the early pioneers of progressive long reach geometry, has added the Grommy to its product portfolio.

Integrating battery assistance to a balance bike challenges the traditional wisdom that e-MTBs are not throttle-assisted mopeds. Without pedals or cranks, these new Grommy e-Balance bikes make use of a hand modulated throttle.

Available in both 12- and 16-inch wheel sizes, the Grommy is aimed at riders aged 3-8. Powering these both variants of the Grommy is a 250W brushless electric motor, which is capable of some decent speeds.

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Three battery output power modes can be selected: ‘Balance’ (8.1km/h), ‘Fun’ (12.1km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (17.7km/h). 

Mondraker claims that its Grommy has a battery-assisted riding endurance of between 40-60 minutes, depending on rider weight and terrain gradient. Recharging the 80Wh lithium-ion battery takes an hour.

Beyond the electric motor features, the Grommy is constructed around a 6061-grade aluminium frame and fork, of Mondraker’s design.

Cockpit geometry is balanced by a 500mm wide Mondraker handlebar, with 25mm of rise. You might be wondering how a very junior rider would control the momentum of an e-Balance bike, but Mondraker has been mindful enough to include a Tektro MD-510 disc brake system at the rear wheel, actuating a 140mm rotor.

The 12-inch wheel size Grommy weighs 7.5kg, with its larger 16-inch wheeled sibling adding another 1kg to the mass specification. Both bikes roll Vee Crown Gem tyres, sized to a 2.25in width.

Target retail pricing for the Mondraker Grommy, is €749.