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Matxin appeals for new sponsors for Geox team

DS Joxean Matxin assured he had found new backers for his team

DS Joxean Matxin assured he had found new backers for his team (Image credit: Monika Prell)

Joxean Fernández Matxin, Sport Director for Geox-TCM was “in China, far away from home”, hen he got the shocking news that the team's sponsor was withdrawing.   He is not willing to give up his dream and has appealed for others to step up and take over the sponsorship.

“I remain optimistic, I always was,” he said in a statement, according to, and said he was willing to “fight” to realize this dream.  “Therefore, I appeal to businesses, trademarks, sponsors, who are willing and want to be number one in profitability as we always have been, to join us and create, dream, illusion, passionate, enjoy. .. To commit to us as we're going to do with them, hopefully in the near future. We want to realize this dream, and work harder than ever to get it.”

“It hurts to read this statement the same day UCI enrollment limit ends, no leeway,” he said.  “It hurts me to read it.”  He regretted the impact of the decision on “my people, especially after the emotional victory in the Vuelta.  They don't consider this group of people, who are excellent in all aspects of life who don't think of themselves and share dreams for a team and are then left by partner thinking of his trademark.”

Matxin acknowledged the contributions of the “riders, mechanics, masseurs, staff in general, saying, “I think you are the best in the world.”