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Litelok launches Core lock: The 'toughest flexible lock for bikes'

Core bike lock
Bright, strong and flexible (images: Litelok) (Image credit: Litelok)

With cycling at unprecedented levels of popularity, bicycle theft has surged in many global cities with a strong cycle commuting culture. With many riders investing more in the purchase of a commuter bike or using expensive e-bikes for general riding, securing your cycling investment with the best bike locks has become more important than ever.

British bicycle security specialist, Litelok, has now revealed its most secure product to date, the Core. Founder Neil Barron is a keen cyclist and his extensive engineering experience, including a stint with Rolls-Royce aviation, found him desperate for a better bicycle lock. After having three of his own bikes stolen, Barron applied himself to the problem of producing a safer lock that would be comfortably effortless to live with. 

With the Core, Litelok offers riders an ergonomically comfortable bicycle lock, which is wearable, and robustly secure when attaching any bike to a rack or rail.

Litelok core bike lock

(Image credit: Litelok)

The design objective for Litelok was to produce something that could be easily stowable for a commuter when riding along. As such, the Litelok Core can be worn around the waist, with its Boaflexicore material preventing any uncomfortable chafing.

Bright colour options also help the Core lock function as an additional high-visibility wearable when riding. Group rides can also see Litelok owners connect two Cores, to link a collection of bikes to a securing rail.

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, Litelok is now in a position to bring its Core lock to market. The latest campaign starts today, with an early order price of £80, tallying a 30% saving on recommended retail.