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Haselbacher relaxed about missing salary

Austrian rider Rene Haselbacher hasn't been paid since September, but the Astana rider remains relaxed about it, expressing his confidence in the Kazakh sponsor who is currently in disagreement with the managing company of the team directed by Marc Biver. "The money has been promised to us, and I assume that we will get it," said Haselbacher, who is currently in Cape Town, South Africa.

"And besides, the UCI hasn't even stepped in," he continued. "Every ProTour team has to transfer money to the UCI to cover such things. So-called deposits, which can be paid to the riders in case of payment difficulties. So far the UCI hasn't done anything to send us this money."

Haselbacher is looking forward to the coming season on the team, and is sure "that the problem will be taken care of shortly." He is not worried about the missing money (even though "it's not peanuts"), saying "I will only get nervous about it if I have to ask the [Kazakhstan] prime minister for my money at the team presentation in Astana."

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