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Garmin starts to come back to life as rides sync with Strava

Garmin Edge 1030 and accessories
Garmin Edge 1030 and accessories (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Garmin services are beginning to fire back into life after a reported ransomware cyber-attack, with some activities now syncing with the sports tracking app Strava.

The Garmin Connect service is still not at full functionality, with our colleagues at TechRadar finding they are still unable to see a list of recent workouts, recent steps and other historic data in the app. 

However, the fact that data is being transferred shows Garmin recovering from a paralysis of its systems over the weekend. 

"Garmin Connect has resumed service and delayed activities have begun to upload to Strava. This will happen automatically. Given the volume, this may take a week or longer," read a service update from Strava on Monday. 

Garmin has yet to publicly comment on the return of functionality. In a previous statement, the GPS technology and wearable device company spoke of an "outage", but made no reference to suggestions it had been hacked. 

According to reports, Garmin has been hit by WastedLocker ransomware in a cyberattack that is demanding $10 million to release its data. As well as Garmin Connect, which is used by many cyclists and runners, the FlyGarmin aviation database was also affected. 

Garmin confirmed through its FAQs that it has had no reason to believe that user data has been impacted.

"Garmin has no indication that this outage has affected your data, including activity, payment or other personal information."

To view the statement, or for answers to frequently asked questions, head to Garmin.

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