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French court gives Frigo six-month sentence

Albertville court gave former Italian cyclist Dario Frigo and his wife, Susanna, each a six-month suspended prison sentence Monday on charges related to the 2005 Tour de France anti-doping sting, according to The Associated Press. The French court also imposed a €8757 fine on the couple.

In July, the prosecutor asked for a one-year sentence.

French police found ten doses of EPO (Erythropoietin) in Susanna Frigo's car before the start of stage 11 in Courchevel. Police arrested the couple for carrying prohibited substances.

Dario Frigo, 35 years old Thursday, confronted similar problems in 2001. The Giro d'Italia ejected him that year following a surprise police raid that uncovered doping substances. It brought about a six-month ban for Frigo.

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