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Frei given two-year ban for EPO use

Thomas Frei (BMC Racing)

Thomas Frei (BMC Racing) (Image credit: BMC Racing Team)

Thomas Frei, formerly of BMC Racing Team, has been suspended for two years by Swiss Olympic. The Swiss rider tested positive for EPO at an out-of-compettiion test in March. He must also pay a fine of 1500 Swiss Francs.

Frei, 25, admitted to having taken a micro-dose of EPO the evening before the early-morning test. He further confessed to having used doping products since 2008, but denied that anyone at BMC was aware of his doping use.

According to the Swiss website, Swiss Antidoping had offered Frei a deal. He would receive only a six-month ban if he would name those who had helped him. When Frei rejected that offer, they asked that he be banned for four years and fined 7500 CHF.

Swiss Olympic announced that the suspension was effective as of April 22.  It also said that Frei admitted to two other doping violations.  In addition to the fine, he must pay 4,440 CHF in costs.

The Disciplinary Committee rejected this request and gave him the usual two-year ban, noting that he had confessed to using the EPO and given the details of its use and described steps he could have taken to avoid being caught.