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France gets new Continental squad

Former French professional Stephane Heulot will head up a new French squad for the upcoming season, Le Télé reported Friday. No title sponsor has been formally announced, but Vivarte, the parent company of French retailer Super Sport is rumoured to be the main sponsor.

Heulot, a former French champion who wore the Tour de France's yellow jersey in 1996 is hoping to build the squad up to a 2010 Tour start. He is currently the manager of the amateur Super Sport 35 squad. "The group's objective is to evolve rapidly and, why hide it, to be the start of the Tour de France in 2010. We leave for a three-year project with a budget that would run between 1.2 and 1.5 million euro during the first season, " he continued.

Nicolas Guillé, currently director of the Team U Nantes Atlantique, is reported to be joining Heulot as directeur sportif, as is Yannick Flochlay.