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CSF Group-Navigare picks men for Malaysia

More than a month before the start of the 13th Tour de Langkawi on February 9, CSF Group-Navigare has already decided its selection for the Malaysian race. Paride Grillo will be the big man for flat stages, while Julio Alberto Pérez Cuapio will have a go in the traditional hilly finish of Genting Highlands stage. In the Asian stage-race - ranked Hors Categorie - Mauro Richeze will make his debut as a pro rider. The race wraps up on January 17.

CSF Group - Navigare for Tour de Langkawi: Paride Grillo, Matteo Priamo, Julio Alberto Pérez Cuapio, Mauro Richeze, Francesco Tomei, and Filippo Savini. under D.S. Roberto Reverberi.