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Breschel: I'm not ruling myself out yet

Matti Breschel (Denmark) on the podium with his silver medal.

Matti Breschel (Denmark) on the podium with his silver medal. (Image credit: Sirotti)

Matti Breschel’s World Championships participation may not be over after all. The Dane publicly stated last week that if he needed surgery on his left hand he would be not riding in Copenhagen, however he now appears to be having second thoughts. Speaking to he said that he's feeling better every day and that he still hopes to ride on September 25 - even if it’s just to carry the bidons.

"I just cannot put it behind me," said Breschel. "I have so much love for the World Championships and for it to be on Danish soil - it’s just too hard to say it’s over."

"I’m taking it day by day, and if I can continue to improve the way I have been, then I think I can ride. I know what it takes to be a contender at a world championship, and so I’m aware I won’t be able to win – not on this form."

Breschel was second in last year’s world championships in Geelong but has had a lackluster 2011 season. The 27-year-old knows that despite his history, he still must prove himself to be in reasonable racing condition to warrant a selection from Danish National team director Lars Bonde.

"I do have plenty of experience to offer, and hopefully when Lars Bonde makes his decision, that will be taken into account."

"I know I will not have a position donated or reserved for me – I have to prove I’m going to be able to provide at least something. But if I am able to help others on the team, I absolutely put my hand up to race."