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Bad breaks for Coyot, Hinault

Frenchman Arnaud Coyot (, who crashed during GP de Denain has been diagnosed with a broken left wrist, according to the team's website.

"I crashed at 700 metres from the finish line in GP de Denain", said Arnaud Coyot. "I hope I can get an operation in Lille today so I can return to competition as soon as possible. Otherwise, I think I will be out for four weeks."

Baden Cooke and Markus Eichler were involved in the same crash as Coyot, but got away with relatively light injuries.

Another Frenchman suffered a broken bone in the same event. According to AFP, Sébastien Hinault (Credit Agricole) complained of intense pain following his crash in the GP Denain, and was diagnosed with a fractured L3 vertebra. Hinault will be out of competition for a minimum of four weeks.