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Andreetta fends off bike fit criticism from real estate broker

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Yousif Mirza (UAE Abu Dhabi) got into the break

Yousif Mirza (UAE Abu Dhabi) got into the break (Image credit: Tim de Waele/
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Simone Andreetta (Bardiani CSF)

Simone Andreetta (Bardiani CSF) (Image credit: C&PStudioLab)

Simone Andreetta of the Bardiani-CSF team was the subject of sincere concern by a Cyclingnews reader who watched him riding in the breakaway in the Dubai Tour and suggested he needs to lower his saddle. But the Italian fended off the suggestion, saying he is happy with his bike fit.

Andreetta was in the breakaway of the day during stage 2 to Ras Al Khaimah on Wednesday and caught the watchful eye of a real estate broker named John R. in Ottawa, who was inspired to send an email to Cyclingnews by the Italian's swaying riding style.

He wrote: "#41 in the 2017 Dubai Tour needs to lower his saddle by 1cm or 2 cms. I watched him in the breakaway in stage 2. His hips were going up and down with each pedal stroke."

"Please use your resources to contact the Directeur Sportifs for the team. Suggest to him that #41's saddle height should be examined and adjusted if needed."

2D' tappa Dubai tour @Andreetta93 in fuga per tenere alti i colori green/orange team @Bardiani_CSF

Cyclingnews did just that and passed on the message to Andreetta and the Bardiani-CSF team. Rather than being upset or dismissive of the comments, Andreetta was grateful and happy to send a message back to John via Cyclingnews.

"It's nice to get feedback from people who watch you race and so thank him from me," the Italian rider told us.

"I can understand why he said it, but I'm happy with my position. I move in the saddle a little bit, but it's my riding style. I'm actually lower this season than in the past. Someone even suggested I was too low."

Cyclingnews forwarded the message, and John replied.

"You have made me very happy by taking such prompt action. Thank you also for the update from Simone," he said in an email. "He has the final decision and he is happy with his position. Wonderful!"

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