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AFLD decision expected in May

French Anti-Doping Agency AFLD is currently deciding whether or not to open a disciplinary procedure against Lance Armstrong. According to L'Equipe, it will take several weeks before the cycling world will know if the seven-time Tour de France winner will be sanctioned for delaying an anti-doping control some three weeks ago.

The decision to open or not to open disciplinary proceedings should be taken in "early May" according to the paper.

On March 17, Armstrong was visited by an anti-doping control officer in the South of France and asked to provide urine, blood and hair samples (read the full version of the incident by Armstrong). However, the American took a shower before providing the samples - taking some 20 minutes, during which the identity of the anti-doping officer was checked - and this infringes International anti-doping rules, according to which the athlete has to remain in sight of the doping control officer between notification of the test and the collection of the samples.

The incident could put Armstrong's Tour de France participation in jeopardy, if the AFLD decides to pursue the case.

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