Best trunk bike racks: The easiest option to safely and securely transport your bike on your car

Saris Bones 2 bike trunk-mount bike rack
(Image credit: Saris)

When you need to transport a bike (or two or three), you might not want to try and shove them into your car. Dirty chainrings and interior finishes don't go together very well and even if that's not an issue, getting a bike into a car isn't exactly easy. You need a better solution and there is nothing that's simpler than a trunk-mount bike rack. 

It doesn't matter what kind of car you have, there's an option available to you among the best bike racks for cars. You don't have to worry about installing a hitch, as you do with a hitch-mounted rack, nor do you need to worry about what the top of your roof looks like, as is the case for the best roof bike racks. Your vehicle is (almost) unimportant in the conversation. The designs for trunk-mount racks are clever enough to work with whatever gets you around. 

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Josh Ross

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