Best Bafang mid-drive e-bike conversion kit deal

hardtail Diamondback mountain bike with Bafang mid-drive conversion
(Image credit: Bafang USA)

Bafang has been making electric motor conversion kits for bikes since 2003, so it's got one of the longest track records in the market. Its motor units are also used by a number of bike brands in their electric bikes, including some well-known names, including De Rosa, Aventon, Gtech and VanMoof. 

So it's not just an upstart seller of dubious conversion kits, it has a reputation for quality and reliability, making some of the best electric bike conversion kits available. Its kits include everything you need to convert your bike to electric assist, including the motor, a battery pack that can be strapped to your down tube or integrated into a rear rack, the controller and sensors, and a large, bright display unit. If you want a power boost without investing in one of the best electric bikes, then this is the next best thing.