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Positioning is everything

Mark Renshaw (Rabobank)

Mark Renshaw (Rabobank) (Image credit: Mark Robinson)

I now have two stage races under my belt now so it's time for another blog – I'm also back in Europe. It's still a bit fresh over here but it's about 10 degrees warmer than when they had the cold snap which is lucky for me.

In regards to the Tour of Hangzhou that will take place after the Tour of Beijing as an additional race on the UCI WorldTour, the peloton starts racing in January, 100 per cent for points and they add this race at the back end of the season, the season now becomes too long. I don't know what happens to those riders who target the start of the year and Tour de France. They'll need to have a month off but as long as the teams understand it shouldn't be a problem.