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Let it snow

Travis Livermon (second rider) racing in Lichetrvelde, Belgium the day before Kalmthout.

Travis Livermon (second rider) racing in Lichetrvelde, Belgium the day before Kalmthout. (Image credit: Steve Fisher)

Today was the Kalmthout World Cup for elites but it was a non-World Cup for the U23s, but still very competitive. For some today was the first race of camp and for others it was the second but it was cold and snowy for everyone. It snowed a few inches last night and off and on during most of the day.

It was an early start for most of us to make it to the race. The race was at 11:10 a.m. and it's normally an hour and a half drive to get there but because of the snow it was going to take much longer.

We got out of bed at 5:15 a.m. and by 5:30 we were on the trainers to ride for 30 minutes before the drive. Then we had breakfast and packed lots of warm clothes for the day.

The drive was slow and dark but overall went well. After getting dressed in the van we arrived at the race around 10 o'clock and had a little over an hour to get registered and warmed up.

There was snow and ice everywhere and at times it was actively snowing so we all warmed up on trainers. The course was fun, fairly long and with only one beaten path most of the way around passing was difficult. There were four sets of stairs and a couple of quick dismounts due to the conditions.

I had far from my best race today which was disappointing because the course was so much fun. It was a hectic start and I got caught behind a crash and almost went over the bars. By the time everyone was untangled I was dead last.

After a couple of laps and moving through a few people I went down again. Between that and a few numb body parts my head was out of the game, so I just enjoyed riding in the snow for the rest of the race and hope the rest of the race courses are just as much fun.

After the race we all changed into dry clothes as fast as possible and started the drive back to the house. The roads were still icy and all the snow plows were busy clearing the bike paths, not the roads.

I slept most of the drive since I'm still feeling the time change on top of the early morning start but we made it back in time to watch the elite race on tv.

Hopefully it will warm up soon but it doesn't look like it, so for now we will just keep riding, racing, and playing in the snow.

Travis Livermon
Champion System/Cannondale