UAE Tour 2019

February 24 - March 2, Al Hudayriat, UAE, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage 1 of the UAE Tour. Today's stage is  16km team time trial.

Nibali, Valverde, Gaviria and Cavendish line up for first-ever UAE Tour - Preview


UAE Tour start list


Stars assemble for the inaugural UAE Tour – Gallery



  1. 14:30:22 GST

    As we go live the riders are warming up and studying the 16km circuit in Abu Dhabi.


    It is going to be a fast opening stage.

  2. 14:38:34 GST

    The team time trial, entirely on the island of Hudayriat, has a very fast course, with straights punctuated only by two U-turns just before and after km 3.

    The road is perfectly flat, wide and with wide-angle turns that will enable the teams to keep a very high speed: expected speed averages are over 55km/h.

  3. 14:39:11 GST

    The teams trained on the course yesterday and this morning and will use time trial bikes. 


  4. 14:39:56 GST

    Gazprom will be the first team away in about 10 minutes.


  5. 14:43:44 GST

    This is the start list times. All times are local (GMT+4).

    The team start at five minute intervals.


    1. GAZPROM – RUSVELO GAZ 14:50:00
    2. TEAM NOVO NORDISK TNN 14:55:00
    3. UAE TEAM EMIRATES UAD 15:00:00
    4. MITCHELTON – SCOTT MTS 15:05:00
    5. EF EDUCATION FIRST EF1 15:10:00
    7. BORA – HANSGROHE BOH 15:20:00
    8. TEAM KATUSHA ALPECIN 15:25:00
    9. AG2R LA MONDIALE ALM 15:30:00
    10. BAHRAIN – MERIDA TBM 15:35:00
    11. TEAM JUMBO – VISMA TJV 15:40:00
    12. ASTANA PRO TEAM AST 15:45:00
    13. MOVISTAR TEAM MOV 15:50:00
    14. GROUPAMA – FDJ GFC 15:55:00
    15. TREK – SEGAFREDO TFS 16:00:00
    16. LOTTO SOUDAL LTS 16:05:00
    17. CCC TEAM CPT 16:10:00
    18. TEAM SKY SKY 16:15:00
    19. TEAM SUNWEB SUN 16:20:00
    20. DECEUNINCK-QUICK-STEP 16:25:00


  6. 14:45:00 GST

    Gazprom is in the start area and about to start.


  7. 14:45:48 GST

    Sadhbh O'Shea is in the UAE for Cyclingnews and has told us there is a slight breeze blowing across the course, with temperatures of 30C.



  8. 14:48:31 GST

    This is the map of the TTT course. It will be fast!  



  9. 14:49:40 GST

    The Gazprom riders are lining up on the wide TTT start ramp. 

    It's time to rock and roll. 


  10. 14:51:02 GST

    They're off! Gazprom is the first team away on the 16km TTT. 


  11. 14:51:53 GST

    Next up are Novo Nordisk and then the WorldTour teams start, with UAE Team Emirates and Mitchelton-Scott. 



  12. 14:52:56 GST

    The wide roads allow the riders to form an echelon formation to help fight the wind.

    Pacing and TTT skills will be decisive today.


  13. 14:55:32 GST

    The UAE Team Emirates riders warm up just before their ride.



  14. 14:56:28 GST

    Novo Nordisk start their ride. They're promoting the treatment of diabetes in the UAE with their presence.  


  15. 15:01:58 GST

    UAE Team Emirates are under way. They have Gaviria and Kristoff in their line-up.



  16. 15:05:04 GST

    Mitchelton-Scott are on the ramp. This is going to get serious and very fast, very soon.


  17. 15:08:13 GST

    Several sections of the course share one road and so the width narrows, adding an extra tactical twist.


  18. 15:08:31 GST

    It also allows teams to see each other in action.


  19. 15:09:21 GST

    Gazprom stop the click in 17:46. that is the time to beat.


  20. 15:09:47 GST

    Meanwhile EF Education First are underway.


  21. 15:11:00 GST

    Their squad includes Tejay van Garderen and Sacha Modolo.


  22. 15:12:18 GST

    EF are quickly up to speed and into formation.


  23. 15:13:18 GST

    6km to go for UAE Team Emirates. They are all together for now.


  24. 15:13:33 GST

    They're riding at 53km/h!


  25. 15:14:23 GST

    To fight the breeze they're riding almost a double line.


  26. 15:14:56 GST

    18:35 for Novo Nordisk.


  27. 15:16:30 GST

    Next off is Dimension Data, with Mark Cavendish and GC riders Louis Meintjes and Roman Kreiziger.


  28. 15:17:09 GST

    Cavendish carefully leads them through the start area and out into the open roads.



  29. 15:17:49 GST

    Kristoff sits up after giving his all in the TTT for UAE. 


    They're close to the finish.


  30. 15:18:47 GST

    UAE is down to 4 riders. They set a time of 17:25.


  31. 15:19:22 GST

    Gaviria brings the quartet home and so will wear the leaders jersey if UAE go on to win the TTT.


  32. 15:21:32 GST

    Bora set off for the 16km TTT. Their team leader is Davide Formolo, with Pete Kennaugh chasing stage victories. 


  33. 15:24:27 GST

    Mitchelton-Scott set a new best time of 17:21. They are four seconds faster than UAE.  


  34. 15:26:11 GST

    Katusha is off next. They will be hoping to place Kittel well up the GC to perhaps take the lead after Monday's stage.

    They could even win today.


  35. 15:26:43 GST

    Their line-up also includes GC rider Ilnur Zakarin.


  36. 15:27:14 GST

    EF lose s rider as they keep the speed high. 



  37. 15:28:24 GST

    EF finish in five riders. They set a time of 17:15. 

    New fastest time!


  38. 15:30:10 GST

    Dimension Data are fast. Just one second slower than EF at the time split. 


  39. 15:33:29 GST

    Here come Dimension Data. They set a time of 17: 17


    That's fast but miss out of top spot by 2 seconds.


  40. 15:37:17 GST

    Bahrain-Merida set off, with new signing Rohan Dennis leading the line of riders.


    Dennis will give Bahrain some huge power and skills for the TTT.


  41. 15:38:03 GST

    Here come Bora. They're fast!


  42. 15:38:46 GST

    Bora set 17:17, like Dimension Data, but they are also 2 seconds slower than EF Education.


  43. 15:41:50 GST

    Jumbo-Visma set off.

    They have Roglic, Jos van Emden and Tony Martin in their squad and so one of the favourites to win today.  



  44. 15:42:54 GST

    Here come Katusha but they seem off the pace. 


  45. 15:43:53 GST

    They're split and so Kittel has to ease up and wait for the 4th rider, that stops the clock. 



  46. 15:44:25 GST

    Katusha set a time of 17:34. That is high. Perhaps something happened during their ride.


  47. 15:46:03 GST

    This is Jumbo-Visma on the start ramp.



  48. 15:47:05 GST

    Astana are underway. Can they win again? 

    In Spain Jakob Fuglsang is about to win the Ruta del Sol.  


  49. 15:48:06 GST

    Bahrain-Merida look well drilled as they blast around the course. 


    They set 11:13 at the intermediate time and so are fastest so far.


  50. 15:50:42 GST

    Movistar are next to start.

    Valverde will be hoping they limit any losses to keep him in contention overall. 


  51. 15:52:16 GST

    10 of the 20 teams have finished so far. Trek-Segafredo with Mollema and Porte will be off soon. 



  52. 15:53:05 GST

    Here come Bahrain. They set a time of 16:58. And take the lead! 


  53. 15:55:43 GST

    Here is Bahrain-Merida in action. They will be hard to beat today.




  54. 15:56:33 GST

    We spoke too soon.

    Jumbo is fastest at the split with 11:06. Bahrain set 11:13.


  55. 15:57:05 GST

    However Jumbo are down to 4 riders for the finale kilometres. 


  56. 15:57:52 GST

    Jumbo-Visma set a time of 16:49.

    New fastest time!  


  57. 15:58:19 GST

    Roglic was the first over the line and so could be the first race leader. 




  58. 16:00:52 GST

    Riders are using 58 chain rings today to pedal at over 55km/h on the tailwind sections.


  59. 16:01:24 GST

    Indeed, Jumbo rode at 57km/h.


  60. 16:03:08 GST

    Trek-Segafredo are off as Astana finish.


  61. 16:04:44 GST

    Movistar are taking risks and riding a double line into the headwind.


    They are down to five riders.


  62. 16:05:55 GST

    Lotto Soudal is next off, with Caleb Ewan their protected rider.


  63. 16:07:28 GST

    Warm-up is vital before a TTT.


    This is Team Sunweb, with Tom Dumoulin as leader.



  64. 16:08:15 GST

    Movistar set 17:07.

    That is a handicap for Valverde for the mountain finishes.


  65. 16:11:33 GST

    CCC Team is next off.

    Greg van Avermaet is back in Belgium after riding the Tour of Oman. 

    Team leader is sprinter Jakub Mareczko.  


  66. 16:16:11 GST

    Team Sky is off next. Can they be a threat to Jumbo-Visma? 


    They have Moscon, Kwiatkowski but not Froome in their line-up. 


  67. 16:16:43 GST

    Groupama-FDJ set a time of 17:18. Allez le gars!


  68. 16:20:38 GST

    Trek-Segafredo are not fast enough. Tenth fastest.

    They set 17:31 That will be a handicap for Porte and Mollema.

    They lost a chunk of time to their GC rivals.


  69. 16:21:15 GST

    Team Sunweb is off next. Can they threaten Jumbo? 

    We'll find out in 17 minutes.


  70. 16:25:15 GST

    Sunweb take a tight corner carefully. That could have lost them a second or two.


  71. 16:26:56 GST

    Deceuninck-QuickStep are off. 

    They will be fast as they try to set up Viviani for a shot at the race lead and protect Remco Evenepoel. 


  72. 16:28:48 GST

    CCC Team sets 17:13. Good but not good enough. 

    Jumbo are still fastest in 16:49.


  73. 16:30:44 GST

    Sunweb look well-drilled as they ride in a fast paceline.


  74. 16:31:32 GST

    Interesting to see that Sunweb are using disc-brake TT bikes. 


  75. 16:33:12 GST

    Team Sky set 17:03. Not bad but 14 slower than Jumbo.


  76. 16:36:38 GST

    All the teams are underway. 

    Perhaps only Sunweb and Deceuninck can beat Jumbo.


  77. 16:36:58 GST

    Here come Sunweb.


  78. 16:37:55 GST

    Sunweb set 16:56.  


  79. 16:38:30 GST

    That is 7 seconds slower than Jumbo.


  80. 16:41:22 GST

    2km to go for QuickStep.


  81. 16:41:49 GST

    They are still in seven and riding at 67km/h with the tail wind.


  82. 16:42:38 GST

    Evenepole is on the front in the final km! 


  83. 16:43:21 GST

    He brings them home but they set 17:15.  


  84. 16:43:41 GST

    Jumbo-Visma win the 16km TTT.


  85. 16:46:39 GST

    Roglic brought home his teammates and so will pull on the leader's red jersey.


  86. 16:48:32 GST

    This is Jumbo-Visma in action in the UAE.



  87. 16:51:41 GST

    The Jumbo riders congratulate and hug each other. 

    This is a big win for the team and sets them up for a great week and the GC at the UAE Tour.


  88. 16:56:40 GST

    Jumbo beat Sunweb by 7 seconds, with Bahrain third at 14 seconds and Team Sky fourth at 14 seconds. 


  89. 16:59:00 GST

    The seven Jumbo-Visma riders collect their medals and winner's trophy after their stage win. 


  90. 17:00:40 GST

    Thanks to crossing the line first, Roglic leads the GC, ahead of his teammates Laurens de Plus, Jos van Emden and Koen Bouwman.



  91. 17:01:43 GST

    Roglic pull on the red jersey. Jumbo do not have a sprinter at the UAE Tour and so will  no doubt be chasing overall victory with the Slovenian rider.


  92. 17:04:06 GST

    Roglic also collects the black intermediate sprints jersey and the green points jersey.



  93. 17:07:10 GST

    Laurens de Plus pulls on the best young rider white jersey. 

    Jumbo won everything today in the TTT. 




  94. 17:12:51 GST

    This is Jumbo on the podium.



  95. 17:14:03 GST

    Looking further down the results, we can see how many seconds some of the GC contenders lost to Roglic.


  96. 17:15:23 GST

    Dumoulin is only seven seconds down on Roglic. Nibali, Caruso and Dennis are at 9 seconds, Kwiatkowski is at 14 seconds and Valverde is at 18 seconds.


  97. 17:16:49 GST

    Other riders are further back and so will race with a significant handicap. 

    Van Garderen of EF is at 26 seconds, Formolo of Bora is at 29 seconds and Meintjes is at 29 seconds. 




  98. 17:18:16 GST

    UAE and Dan Martin is at 36 seconds, while Mollema and Porte are at 43 seconds. 

    Zakarin is at 45 seconds after Katusha appeared to have problems in the TTT.



  99. 17:20:41 GST

    This was the moment that Jumbo-Visma hit the line and set the fastest time.



  100. 17:22:01 GST

    This is Primoz Roglic in the podium in the race leader's red jersey.



  101. 17:22:43 GST

    Roglic said: 


    “It was a very fast time trial and of course we're very happy to start the season with this performance."


    "We came here with strong time trialists. We didn't really decided that I'd cross the line first but I took a strong turn at the end."


    "It's nice to be in the lead and we want to win the race overall, but there are hard stages to come and we have to take it day by day."


  102. 17:26:46 GST

    Thanks for joining us for full live coverage of the opening stage of the UAE Tour.

    We'll have full  live coverage of all the stages of the race. 


  103. 17:28:06 GST

    To read our full stage report and see our growing photo gallery, click here.


    Jumbo-Visma were super fast in the UAE Tour TTT


  104. 17:29:49 GST

    To follow our live coverage of the Volta ao Algarve and see if Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates) can win overall, click here. 



  105. 17:30:37 GST

    We'll also have full reports and photo galleries from the Tour du Haut Var in France, the Ruta del Sol in Spain and the women's Setmana Valenciana.  


  106. 17:31:30 GST

    Our reporters are in the UAE, Spain and Portugal gathering news and exclusive interviews. Check back later on Cyclingnews for those.  


  107. 17:32:58 GST

    Join us on Monday for live coverage from stage 2 of the UAE Tour. 

    It's expected to end with a high-speed sprint on the Abu Dhabi Marina. 

    Shukran! اﺮﻜﺷ


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