European Track Championships Day 4: Viviani wins second straight Omnium title

World Champion Küng wins Individual Pursuit gold, Coquard wins Elimination Race, Trott on course for Omnium victory

Elia Viviani defended his European Omnium title by the skin of his teeth on Saturday during the fourth day of the European Track Championships in Grenchen.

The Italian led going into the final event, the points race, and ended the nail-biting contest tied on 191 points with Olympic champion Lasse Norman Hansen of Denmark. Viviani was awarded the overall win by virtue of placing higher then Hansen in the 16th and final sprint of the points race.

Jon Dibben, who started the points race down in ninth, produced a brilliantly courageous ride to gain two laps and catapult himself onto the podium for bronze.

During the morning session Viviani recorded a personal best of 1:03.724 in the kilometre time trial to take the lead after four events, and in the evening session he set himself up for the points race with victory in the flying lap (12.946).

Stefan Küng added European gold to his existing World title in the individual pursuit, and broke a Swiss record in the process.

The 21-year-old qualified with the fastest time in the morning session and was greeted onto the track for the gold medal ride with vociferous home support. Wearing the rainbow bands, he started slowly but went on to dominate Germany’s Domenic Weinstein, clocking a time of 4:14.992 and earning Switzerland its first gold of the championships.

Dutchman Dion Beukeboom took the bronze medal after getting the better of Julien Morice of France.

Bryan Coquard earned a first gold medal of the Championships for France by emerging victorious in the final of the elimination race – which was making its debut as an event in its own right.

Coquard outsprinted Italy’s Simone Consonni after the race had been whittled down from 18 riders, with Great Britain’s Chris Latham winning the bronze medal. 

Laura Trott took another step towards a third gold medal as she tightened her grip on the Omnium at the half-way stage. The Great Britain rider, who has already triumphed in the team pursuit and scratch race this week, came out on top in the elimination race, the third event in the omnium.

Having finished second in the scratch race and first in the individual pursuit during the morning session, Trott now sits top of the standings on 118 points. Amalie Dideriksen, who was second in the elimination race and in the individual pursuit, is her nearest rival on 106, with Badykova of Russia in third on 94.

During the final two events of the day, Jeffrey Hoogland of the Netherlands won gold in the men's 1km time trial, and Anastasiia Voinova of Russia took the top honours in the 500m time trial. Hoogland covered his kilometre in 01:00.350, jus ahead of Joachim Eilers (Germany) in second and Robin Wagner (Czech Republic) in third. Voinova covered the 500m in 0:32.794

Morning session

The Omnium was the main feature of the morning session on day 4 and two of the favourites in the men's and women's events, Elia Viviani and Laura Trott, both took significant steps to potential victory. 

Viviani finished fifth in the kilometre time trial, the fourth race in the men's event, and in doing so moved to the top of the leaderboard. The Italian managed a personal best of 1:03.724, while Lucas Liss of Germany took top spot with 1:02.779. 

Viviani was second going into the TT but succeeded in overhauling Russia's Viktor Manokov, who now finds himself in third. It's still anyone's to win, though, with Viviani only tied in first place with Tim Veldt (Netherlands) on 130 points, and Manakov tied in third on 126 points with Danish Olympic champion Lasse Norman Hansen.

In the women's Omnium, Trott, who was beginning her bid for a third gold medal after her triumphs in the team pursuit and scratch race, could hardly have made a better start. The Great Britain rider finished second in the opening scratch race before storming to victory in the individual pursuit.

The scratch race was a cagey affair for the most part, but Lithuanian Ausrine Trebaite succeeded in breaking free with nine laps remaining, taking a lap and securing victory. It then came down to a sprint for second and Trott opened it up with one lap remaining, successfully holding off Laurie Berthon (France) and Kirsten Wild (Netherlands). The reigning Olympic Omnium champion then produced a commanding display in the individual pursuit, catching Trebaite with ease and clocking 3:32.699 - comfortably clear of the second fastest time of 3:33.833 posted by Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark).

The morning session also saw the qualifying heats in the men's individual pursuit, where world champion and home favourite Stefan Küng made a real statement of intent with a time of 4:15.678. Germany's Domenic Weinstein was second fastest in the heats and earned the right to face Kung in the gold medal rid, while Dion Beukeboom (NED) and Julien Morice (FRA), were next best and set up a bronze medal showdown.

Men's Individual Pursuit Qualifying

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stefan Kueng (Switzerland)0:04:15.678 
2Domenic Weinstein (Germany)0:00:02.183 
3Dion Beukeboom (Netherlands)0:00:03.884 
4Julien Morice (France)0:00:06.018 
5Andrew Tennant (Great Britain)0:00:06.889 
6Kirill Sveshnikov (Russia)0:00:07.125 
7Silvan Dillier (Switzerland)0:00:07.897 
8Dmitry Sokolove (Russia)0:00:08.152 
9Mikhail Shemetau (Belarus)0:00:08.625 
10Martyn Irvine (Irl)0:00:09.059 
11Vicente Garcia De Mateos Rubio (Spain) 4:25.8020:00:10.124 
12Jonathan Dufrasne (Belgium) 4:26.2450:00:10.567 
13Filippo Ganna (Italy) 4:27.0270:00:11.349 
14Nils Schomber (Germany) 4:27.1360:00:11.458 
15Ivo Oliveira (Portugal)0:00:11.655 
16Gijs Van Hoecke (Belgium) 4:28.1380:00:12.460 
17Matthew Gibson (Great Britain) 4:28.1390:00:12.461 
18Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spain)0:00:12.553 
19Casper Phillip Pederson (Denmark)0:00:12.942 
20Michele Scartezzini (Italy)0:00:13.023 
21Volodymyr Diuia (Ukraine)0:00:14.640 

Men's Individual Pursuit Finals

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stefan Kueng (Switzerland)0:04:14.992 
2Domenic Weinstein (Germany)0:00:02.783 
3Dion Beukeboom (Netherlands)0:00:06.677 
4Julien Morice (France)0:00:07.148 

Men's Elimination Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bryan Coquard (France)  
2Simone Consonni (Italy)  
3Christopher Latham (Great Britain)  
4Jan-Willem Van Schip (Netherlands)  
5Moreno de Pauw (Belgium)  
6Andreas Muller (Austria)  
7Vladyslav Kreminskyi (Ukraine)  
8Yauheni Akhramenka (Belarus)  
9Felix English (Ireland)  
10Roger Kluge (Germany)  
11Lovassy Krisztian (Hungary)  
12Mateusz Nowak (Poland)  
13Loic Perizzolo (Switzerland)  
14Andrey Sazanov (Russia)  
15Ivo Oliveira (Portugal)  
16Frantisek Sisr (Czech Republic)  
17Recep Unalan (Turkey)  
18Loannis Spanopoulos (Greece)  

Men's 1km Time Trial

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeffrey Hoogland (Netherlands)0:01:00.350 
2Joachim Eilers (Germany)0:00:00.219 
3Robin Wagner (Czech Republic)0:00:00.707 
4Maximilian Dornbach (Germany)0:00:01.499 
5Grzegorz Dreijgier (Poland)0:00:01.583 
6Jose Moreno Sanchez (Spain)0:00:01.623 
7Alexey Tkachev (Russia)0:00:01.880 
8Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)0:00:02.154 
9Nils Van T Hoenderdaal (Netherlands)0:00:02.451 
10Eoin Mullen (Ireland)0:00:03.123 
11Daniel Henning Hart (Denmark)0:00:03.699 
12Alexander Perez (Norway)0:00:04.254 
13Miroslav Minchev (Bulgaria)0:00:04.328 
14Andriy Kutsenko (Ukraine)0:00:04.648 
15Mathias Moller Nielsen (Denmark) 1:05.0570:00:04.707 
16Mika Simola (Finland)0:00:05.888 
17Anton Ivashkin (Belarus)0:00:07.232 

Women's 500m Time Trial

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anastasiia Voinova (Russia)00:00:32.794 
2Elis Ligtlee (Netherlands)00:00:33.561 
3Daria Shmeleva (Russia)00:00:33.842 
4Katy Marchat (Great Britain)00:00:33.897 
5Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain)00:00:33.909 
6Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)00:00:34.125 
7Victoria Williamson (Great Britain)00:00:34.260 
8Migle Marozaite (Lithuania)00:00:34.917 
9Olena Starikova (Ukraine)00:00:35.364 
10Eimear Moran (Ireland)00:00: 

Women's Omnium Scratch Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)  
2Laura trott (Great Britain)-1 
3Laurie Berthon (France)-1 
4Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)-1 
5Anna Knauer (Germany)-1 
6Amalie Didericksen (Denmark)-1 
7Gulnaz Badykova (Russia)-1 
8L. Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)-1 
9Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republich)-1 
10Anita Stenberg (Norway)-1 
11Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)-1 
12Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)-1 
13Simona Frapporti (Italy)-1 
14Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)-1 
15Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)-1 
16Lydia Boylan (Ireland)-1 
17Virginie Pointet (switzerland)-1 
18Pia Pensaari (Finland)-1 
19Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)-1 

Women's Omnium Individual Pursuit

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Trott (Great Britain)0:03:32.699 
2Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)0:00:01.134 
3Kirsten Wild (Netheralands)0:00:02.201 
4Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)0:00:04.533 
5Tatsiana Sharakova Belarus)0:00:06.421 
6Gulnaz Badykova (Russia)0:00:06.650 
7Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)0:00:06.785 
8Laurie Berthon (France)0:00:07.643 
9L. Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)0:00:08.170 
10Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republic)0:00:08.300 
11Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)0:00:10.069 
12Anna Knauer (Germany)0:00:10.216 
13Simona Frapporti (Italy)0:00:10.458 
14Lydia Boylan (Ireland)0:00:12.524 
15Anita Stenberg (Norway)0:00:14.007 
16Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)0:00:14.406 
17Virginie Pointet (Switzerland)0:00:18.867 
18Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)0:00:24.301 
19Pia Pensaari (Finland)0:00:26.687 

Women's Omnium Elimination Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Laura Trott (Great Britain)  
2Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)  
3Gulnaz Badykova (Russia)  
4Simona Frapporti (Italy)  
5L. Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)  
6Malgorzata Wojtyra (Poland)  
7Anna Knauer (Germany)  
8Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)  
9Lucie Hochmann (Czech Republic)  
10Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)  
11Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)  
12Laurie Berthon (France)  
13Kirsten Wild (Netheralands)  
14Anita Stenberg (Norway)  
15Tetyana Klimchenko (Ukraine)  
16Lydia Boylan (Ireland)  
17Virginie Pointet (Switzerland)  
18Pia Pensaari (Finland)  
19Eleni Michalitsa Tsavari (Greece)  

Men's Omnium 1km Time Trial

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lucas Liss (Germany)0:01:02.779 
2Adrian Teklinski (Poland)0:00:00.741 
3Tim Veldt (Netherlands)0:00:00.754 
4Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)0:00:00.847 
5Elia Viviani (Italy)0:00:00.945 
6Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)0:00:01.082 
7Rui Oliveira (Portugal)0:00:01.230 
8Jasper de Buyst (Belgium)0:00:01.325 
9Viktor Manakov (Russia)0:00:01.491 
10OlivierBeer (Switzerland)0:00:01.700 
11Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)0:00:01.779 
12Thomas Boudat (France)0:00:01.892 
13Ondrej Vendolsky (Czech Republic)0:00:02.482 
14Roman Gladysh (Ukraine)0:00:02.569 
15Anders Oddli (Norway)0:00:02.772 
16Tobias Wauch (Austia)0:00:04.588 
17Ahmet Orken (Turkey)0:00:04.783 
18Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi (Spain)0:00:04.869 
19Radoslav Konstantinov (Bulgaria)0:00:04.992 
20Fintan Ryan (Ireland)0:00:56.648 


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elia Viviani (Italy)0:00:12.946 
2Jasper de Buyst (Belgium)0:00:00.291 
3Lucas Liss (Germany)0:00:00.294 
4Tim Veldt (Netherlands)0:00:00.304 
5Adrian Teklinski (Poland)0:00:00.326 
6Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)0:00:00.360 
7Rui Oliveira (Portugal)0:00:00.379 
8Thomas Boudat (France)0:00:00.406 
9Viktor Manakov (Russia)0:00:00.426 
10Olivier Beer (Switzerland)0:00:00.437 
11Anders Oddli (Norway)0:00:00.584 
12Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)0:00:00.586 
13Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)0:00:00.624 
14Ondrej Vendolsky (Czech Republic)0:00:00.879 
15Roman Gladysh (Ukraine)0:00:01.003 
16Tobias Wauch (Austria)0:00:01.033 
17Ahmet Orken (Turkey)0:00:01.225 
18Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi (Spain)0:00:01.264 
19Radoslav Konstantinov (Bulgaria)0:00:01.328 
20Fintan Ryan (Ireland)0:00:01.565 

Men's Omnium Overall

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elia Viviani (Italy)191 pts
2Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)191 
3Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)188 
4Thomas Boudat (France)179 
5Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)178 
6Jasper de Buyst (Belgium)172 
7Viktor Manakov (Russia)172 
8Tim Veldt (Netherlands)168 
9Adrian Teklinski (Poland)162 
10Lucas Liss (Germany)156 
11Olivier Beer (Switzerland)131 
12Roman Gladish (Ukraine)121 
13Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi (Spain)99 
14Rui Oliveira (Portugal)86 
15Anders Oddli (Norway)78 
16Ahmet Orken (Turkey)49 
17Tobias Wauch (Austria)40 
18Ondrej Vendolsky (Czech Republic)16 
19Radoslav Konstantinov (Bulgaira)12 
20Fintan Ryan (Ireland)7 


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