Law claims final sprint into Salt Village

Corset, Haig claim overall titles

Chloe McConville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women) claimed the final stage into Salt Village at the Battle on the Border after winning the sprint from a select group at the end of the women's 77km race. Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager), winner of yesterday's time trial finished in second place with Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing) in third.

"It was an awesome team effort, the other VIS girls did a really solid job," said an excited McConville.

"At the 60km mark we decided to tee it up for me and it just so happens it paid off."

McConville had ridden aggressively throughout the stage and even enjoyed a brief leaving pass from the main bunch as she decided to go it solo at the 58km point.

"When I broke [away] my sole aim was to get over the climb - for me to have any chance of sticking with the bunch I had to be up there which worked perfectly. I can descend well and once we got towards the finish I was confident I'd have a pretty good kick at the end."

Corset, courtesy of her strong riding throughout the tour, claimed the overall Battle on the Border title after starting the day with the race leader's jersey on her shoulders. Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women) held onto second place with Wiasak bumping herself into third overall after taking a time bonification on the line.

Wiasak, who finished second on the stage and ended the tour in third overall was bitter-sweet about the day's result. Coming so close to the win and getting edged out was a little frustrating for the Canberrean.

"It's a little frustrating as I've never won a road race," said Wiasak. "I just have to put missing out on the GC behind me. I was giving it a red hot go, I was gunning for it around the Salt Village circuit and on the last corner I went too fast and almost ran into the barricade - I put the brakes on and McConville came up on the inside of me and got a little bit lucky."

The overall Battle on the Border victor Corset paid tribute to the powerful rides put in by her Pensar SPM Racing teammates and added that while she has won races in the past, the one claimed in the northern part of New South Wales was just that little bit sweeter considering the level of racing experienced in the 2013 edition.

"I'm really grateful to the rest of the Pensar team. Katrin [Garfoot] led me out really well and we knew Holden were going to come at us so we had to work really hard," said an elated Corset.

"It's an amazing feeling, I've done it before but it was so much harder than last year so I am really relieved," she added.

Law repeats final day victory in Salt, Haig captures overall

In the men's NRS Battle on the Border it was Scott Law (GPM-Data#3) who took back-to-back final-stage wins after claiming the fourth stage at the Woodside Tour de Perth. Law positioned himself perfectly leading into the technical last few kilometres to edge out Drapac duo Bernard Sulzberger and Robbie Hucker for the stage win.

"I got myself up to third wheel going into the second-last round-about, there was Alex Wohler from Budget and George Tansley from Euride in front, I tried to sneak up towards second on one of the final corners, Alex went a little too wide and I snuck up the inside and took it from there," explained Law.

"We were really keen to come here and get a good stage result, my teammates did well to keep covering the moves and keeping me out of trouble," he added after missing out on the chance for a stage win in yesterday's cancelled criterium.

"The Genesys guys were controlling the field really well towards the finish and they were probably trying to get AJ [Giacoppo] up, so we tried to use that to our advantage and kept out of harm’s way."

Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys) finished five-seconds down on the front group that split in the final metres but did enough to comfortably claim his first NRS overall title. Huon Salmon-Genesys teammate Jai Crawford was close behind to hold onto second while Giant-Satalyst's Adam Semple continued his strong showing after Tour de Perth to claim third on GC.

"Pretty happy because it seems like I've got a pretty good strike rate in the NRS at the moment," said an excited Haig to Cyclingnews at the finish. "I got a third in Perth and a first here so it's happy days."

Haig echoed a familiar sentiment from the Huon Salmon-Genesys camp that once the team moves into the overall lead it is almost certain the team will be able to retain it until the end.

"We are confident that once we have yellow that our team is super strong and would be able to ride anything back - if there was a break that went up the road. It's really reassuring to know that."

A number of breakaways attempted to establish themselves in the first half of the race and while they contained a number of strong riders like the day's eventual winner and third-place finisher Law and Hucker, Haig and his Tasmanian outfit were never truly concerned.

"There was a couple of moments but it was never really nervous moments because I had faith in the boys that they would be able to bring it back. We have just super strong guys in the team."

Third-place overall Semple, who most recently finished second on the queen stage at Tour de Perth was satisfied with the end result as he believed his form is still lifting since opening his season just a couple of weeks ago.

"The curve is still on the drastic increase," Semple told Cyclingnews. "My form is still improving at a fast rate, week by week. Every race that I get in the legs is building me up better and better.

"There was always hope that Huon Salmon-Genesys would have to use Jai and then I could have tried something but as it stands, we had the time trial and I didn't do enough to move into second place. I'm satisfied but I'm really waiting for my chance to be back standing on that top step."

With the critical stage for GC contenders coming on the first day of racing at Battle on the Border up Mount Warning, Semple said the unusual format worked as it helped to create order within the often chaotic NRS field.

"I like that because it sorts out the peloton hierarchy immediately and also reduces the chance of someone who could have been a GC contender from crashing or getting sick in the later part of the race and missing out all together."\

With the next round of the NRS starting late next week at Tour of Toowoomba most the teams and riders, including race winner Haig were already putting their intentions out there.

"Off to Toowoomba, it's pretty much a reverse to what is here," Haig told Cyclingnews. There's a hill-top finish at the end of the tour and there's also a team time trial. We showed in the individual time trial here, with the top four positions that we might be able to take the win in the team time trial and we'll have to see after that. One of the other boys might get the win but it would be nice to keep it going."

The Drapac squad, who got their best result of the tour on the final stage voiced a similar opinion to Haig after experiencing contrasting results at Battle on the Border.

"It’s good to have two of us on the podium today, but we’ve got mixed feelings for the tour in general," said Sulzberger who finished fifth-overall.

"Genesys controlled the peloton today as we expected, they didn’t want anyone getting out too quickly - all up we look forward to the Tour of Toowoomba this week."

"We're taking the same team to Toowoomba so it's a matter of recovering, doing some work and fronting up looking for a better team result," said 10th-overall Hucker.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)2:05:54 
2Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)  
3Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)  
4Grace Sulzberger (Team Polygon Australia)  
5Sarah Roy (Team Bikebug)  
6Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)  
7Rowena Fry (Team Polygon Australia)  
8Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)  
9Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)  
10Samantha De Riter (Holden Women Cycling Team)0:00:04 
11Ellen Skerritt (Team Bikebug)  
12Jenelle Crooks  
13Jemma Brown  
14Marianne Westacott-Clermonts0:00:10 
15Jessica Mundy (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)0:00:12 
16Laura Meadley  
17Kym Lynch  
18Rebecca Heath (Holden Women Cycling Team)  
19Trudy Van Der Straaten (Specialized Securitor)0:00:13 
20Jasmin Hurikino (Campos Avalon)  
21Taryn Heather (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)  
22Emma Viotto  
23Zoe Watters (Pensar SPM Racing)  
24Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women Cycling Team)  
25Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Securitor)  
26Ruby Livingstone (Team Bikebug)  
27Judith Betts (Campos Avalon)0:00:22 
28Jessica Toghill0:01:43 
29Melanie Roach0:03:03 
30Stacey Riedel (Specialized Securitor)0:04:23 
31Vanessa Mcdonald0:06:12 
32Tegan Elferkh (BOSS Racing Team)  
33Rachel Ward  
34Chloe Mcintosh  
35Rebecca Werner (Specialized Securitor)  
36Susan McAlister (Pensar SPM Racing)  
37Georgia Baker (Team Polygon Australia)  
38Amy Cure (Team Polygon Australia)  
39Rebecca Mackey (BOSS Racing Team)0:09:19 
40Nicole Moerig (Pensar SPM Racing)0:14:48 
41Alexandria Nicholls (Suzuki Bontrager)0:19:49 
42Brittany Lindores (Team Bikebug)0:19:57 
43Ailie McDonald (Suzuki Bontrager)0:30:03 
44Alice Wallett  
45Alexandra O'Dea (Campos Avalon)  
46Kendelle Hodges (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)  
DNFMegan Bagworth (BOSS Racing Team)  
DNFMadeline Marshall (Suzuki Bontrager)  
DNSSophie Mackay (BOSS Racing Team)  
DNSSallyanne Cowman (Campos Avalon)  
DNSClaire Trembath (Specialized Securitor)  
DNSNatalie Langer  
DNSLinda White  
Intermediate sprints - Murwillumbah
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women Cycling Team)3 pts
2Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)2 
3Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)1 
Salt Village - stage finish
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)3 pts
2Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)2 
3Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)1 
Hill climbs - Burringbah
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Securitor)3 pts
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)2 
3Ruby Livingstone (Team Bikebug)1 
Farrants Hill
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)3 pts
2Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)2 
3Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)1 
Teams stage result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing6:17:55 
2Holden Women Cycling Team0:00:03 
3Team Bikebug0:00:04 
4Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team0:00:12 
5Specialized Securitor0:04:36 
6Team Polygon Australia0:05:59 
7Suzuki Bontrager0:19:36 
8Campos Avalon0:30:25 
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)4:53:02 
2Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)0:00:13 
3Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)0:00:31 
4Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)0:00:38 
5Taryn Heather (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)0:01:00 
6Grace Sulzberger (Team Polygon Australia)0:01:13 
7Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women Cycling Team)0:01:17 
8Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)0:01:18 
9Samantha De Riter (Holden Women Cycling Team)0:01:38 
10Zoe Watters (Pensar SPM Racing)0:01:44 
11Ellen Skerritt (Team Bikebug)0:02:02 
12Jenelle Crooks0:02:04 
13Jessica Mundy (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)0:02:09 
14Rebecca Heath (Holden Women Cycling Team)0:02:15 
15Jemma Brown0:02:18 
16Laura Meadley  
17Marianne Westacott-Clermonts0:02:19 
18Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Securitor)0:02:26 
19Jasmin Hurikino (Campos Avalon)0:02:33 
20Sarah Roy (Team Bikebug)0:02:54 
21Susan McAlister (Pensar SPM Racing)0:07:49 
22Rebecca Werner (Specialized Securitor)0:08:15 
23Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)0:08:40 
24Rowena Fry (Team Polygon Australia)0:12:19 
25Georgia Baker (Team Polygon Australia)0:13:09 
26Judith Betts (Campos Avalon)0:16:10 
27Emma Viotto0:16:28 
28Kym Lynch0:16:42 
29Trudy Van Der Straaten (Specialized Securitor)0:16:43 
30Nicole Moerig (Pensar SPM Racing)0:17:08 
31Amy Cure (Team Polygon Australia)0:17:15 
32Ruby Livingstone (Team Bikebug)0:17:33 
33Jessica Toghill0:17:54 
34Melanie Roach0:19:37 
35Stacey Riedel (Specialized Securitor)0:21:34 
36Rachel Ward0:22:32 
37Chloe Mcintosh0:22:40 
38Tegan Elferkh (BOSS Racing Team)0:32:03 
39Rebecca Mackey (BOSS Racing Team)0:32:48 
40Alexandria Nicholls (Suzuki Bontrager)0:36:08 
41Brittany Lindores (Team Bikebug)0:37:06 
42Ailie McDonald (Suzuki Bontrager)0:45:58 
43Kendelle Hodges (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)0:46:29 
44Vanessa Mcdonald0:55:11 
45Alice Wallett0:55:51 
46Alexandra O'Dea (Campos Avalon)1:17:18 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)5 pts
2Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)5 
3Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)4 
4Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)3 
5Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women Cycling Team)3 
6Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)3 
7Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)1 
KoM classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)9 pts
2Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)8 
3Cassandra Dodd (Specialized Securitor)3 
4Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)2 
5Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)1 
6Ruby Livingstone (Team Bikebug)1 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing14:41:48 
2Holden Women Cycling Team0:00:36 
3Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team0:09:17 
4Team Polygon Australia0:18:27 
5Team Bikebug0:19:42 
6Specialized Securitor0:22:53 
7Suzuki Bontrager0:34:59 
8Campos Avalon1:11:52 
NRS Women's team standings after Battle on the Border
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pensar SPM Racing42 pts
2Holden Women Cycling Team34 
3Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team21 
4Team Polygon Australia18 
5Suzuki Bontrager14 
6Team Bikebug8 
7Specialized Securitor7 
8BOSS Racing Team1 
NRS Women's individual standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Corset (Pensar SPM Racing)25 pts
2Katrin Garfoot (Pensar SPM Racing)24 
3Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women Cycling Team)17 
4Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki Bontrager)16 
5Taryn Heather (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)16 
6Grace Sulzberger (Team Polygon Australia)14 
7Samantha De Riter (Holden Women Cycling Team)13 
8Lucy Coldwell (Holden Women Cycling Team)9 
9Emily Roper (Suzuki Bontrager)3 
10Janelle Crooks (Pensar SPM Racing)3 
11Sarah Roy (Team Bikebug)3 
12Lisa Keeling (Bicycle Superstore)3 
13Chloe Mcconville (Jayco/Apollo VIS Women’s Road Team)3 
14Felicity Wardlaw (Bicycle Superstore)2 
15Zoe Watters (Pensar SPM Racing)1 
NRS Men's Battle on the Border
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Law (GPM Data#3)2:18:26 
2Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)  
3Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)  
4George Tansley (Euride Racing)  
5Angus Tobin (search2retain p/b  
6Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)  
7Michael Phelan (Parramatta Race Team)  
8Neil Van Der Ploeg (search2retain p/b  
9Alex Wohler (Budget Forklifts)  
10Thomas Patton (Parramatta Race Team)  
11Lex Nederlof (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)0:00:05 
12Reuben Donati (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)  
13Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Cycling)  
14Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
15Anthony Giacoppo (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
16Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
17Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
18Ryan Cavanagh (Pensar SPM Racing)  
19Nicholas Yallouris (St George Skoda HP Team)  
20Shaun Mccarthy (Budget Forklifts)  
21Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
22Nathan Elliott (Target Trek Racing Team)  
23Jayden Copp (Pro Team Downunder)  
24Correy Edmed (Pensar SPM Racing)  
25Jack Beckinsale (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
26Marc Williams (Budget Forklifts)  
27Adam Semple (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
28Alistair Donohoe (search2retain p/b  
29Ben Cook (Campos Avalon)  
30Daniel Bonello (Parramatta Race Team)  
31Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)  
32Andrew Clarkson (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)  
33Tristan Bauer (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
34Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)  
35Cal Britten (search2retain p/b  
36David Parsons (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)  
37Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda HP Team)  
38James Szollosi (Pro Team Downunder)  
39Saxon Irvine (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)  
40Ayden Toovey (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)  
41Andrew Stephan (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)  
42Daniel Pinczewski (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)  
43Peter Hatton (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
44Eric Sheppard (search2retain p/b  
45Joel Strachan (Target Trek Racing Team)0:00:21 
46Dylan Newbery (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)0:00:23 
47Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)  
48Ryan Thomas (Parramatta Race Team)  
49Gerald Evans (Team Polygon Australia)  
50Nicholas Woods (Pro Team Downunder)  
51James Boal (Target Trek Racing Team)  
52Dave Brown (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)  
53Nicholas Costello (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)  
54Jordan Payne (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:00:27 
55Alexander Malone (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:00:28 
56Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)0:00:30 
57Benjamin Fox (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:00:32 
58Jason Spencer (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)  
59Sylvain Lauwers (Pro Team Downunder)  
60Scott McPhee (Euride Racing)  
61Trevor Spencer (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)  
62Leslie Masters (Pro Team Downunder)  
63Riley Maule (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:00:37 
64Callum O'Sullivan (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)  
65Conor Murtagh (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)  
66Matthew Clark (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)  
67Jesse Ewart (GPM Data#3)0:00:39 
68Christopher Aitken (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)  
69Sam Stow (Pensar SPM Racing)  
70Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Cycling)  
71Amir Rusli (Drapac Cycling)  
72Aaron Donnelly (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)  
73David Melville (GPM Data#3)0:00:41 
74Andrew Roe (Euride Racing)0:00:43 
75Matthew Killin (Pensar SPM Racing)0:00:48 
76Joshua Prete (Budget Forklifts)  
77Jacob Kauffmann (Budget Forklifts)0:00:54 
78Matthew Nicholson (Team Polygon Australia)  
79Geoff Straub (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
80Rowan Dever (Target Trek Racing Team)  
81Tom Kaesler (Euride Racing)0:00:59 
82Fiachra O'Muire (Euride Racing)  
83Jay Dutton (St George Skoda HP Team)  
84Brad Davies (Euride Racing)0:01:01 
85Russell Gill (Euride Racing)0:01:06 
86Jason Rigg (Team Polygon Australia)  
87Joseph Cooper (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:01:08 
88Julian Hamill (GPM Data#3)0:01:09 
89Mathew Marshall (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
90Chris Beeck (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
91Jacob Restall (Pro Team Downunder)0:01:19 
92Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)  
93James Hepburn (GPM Data#3)  
94Joshua Taylor (GPM Data#3)  
95Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)0:02:00 
96Luke Williams (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
97Lachlan Ambrose (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)0:02:18 
98Cameron Bayly (search2retain p/b  
99Kasey Clark (Pensar SPM Racing)0:02:20 
100Harry Carpenter (Euride Racing)0:02:23 
101Jake Magee (GPM Data#3)0:03:25 
102Tamas Allenby (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)0:00:05 
103Kevin Hawes (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:06:23 
104Jesse Kerrison (Budget Forklifts)0:08:53 
105Hadleigh Milligan (Pensar SPM Racing)  
106Peter English (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
107Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Race Team)  
108Mitchell Carrington (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)  
109Andrew Crawley (GPM Data#3)0:13:59 
110Kyle Bridgwood (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:14:11 
111Benjamin Harvey (St George Skoda HP Team)0:15:21 
112Stuart Smith (search2retain p/b 
113Cameron Ivory (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)0:15:34 
114Reece Robinson (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)  
115Harrison Bailey (Parramatta Race Team)0:18:40 
116Griffith Moore (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)0:23:21 
117Daniel McCulloch (Campos Avalon)0:26:02 
118Dylan Hately (Target Trek Racing Team)0:28:31 
119Connor Hughes (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)  
120Adam Allen (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)  
121Rafael Vainikka (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)  
122Guy Brown (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)  
123Ben Price (Team Polygon Australia)0:28:59 
DNFTheodore Yates (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)  
DNFThomas Donald (search2retain p/b  
DNFJustin Vanstone (Pro Team Downunder)  
DNFJames Miller (Campos Avalon)  
DNSWilliam Walker (Drapac Cycling)  
Intermediate sprints - Murwillumbah
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)3 pts
2Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)2 
3Jesse Kerrison (Budget Forklifts)1 
Salt Village- stage finish
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Law (GPM Data#3)3 pts
2Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)2 
3Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)1 
Hill climbs - Farrants Hill #1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Law (GPM Data#3)3 pts
2Alexander Malone (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)2 
3Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)1 
Burringbah Range
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)3 pts
2Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)2 
3Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)1 
Farrants Hill #2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)3 pts
2Eric Sheppard (search2retain p/b 
3Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)1 
Team stage
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Drapac Cycling6:55:23 
2search2retain p/b  
3Parramatta Race Team  
4Budget Forklifts0:00:05 
5Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team0:00:10 
6Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team  
7Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team  
8Pro Team Downunder0:00:28 
9Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program  
10Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:00:33 
11Pensar SPM Racing0:00:44 
12Target Trek Racing Team  
13Team Polygon Australia0:00:48 
14Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:01:00 
15St George Skoda HP Team0:01:04 
16Euride Racing0:01:10 
17GPM Data#30:01:15 
18CharterMason Drapac Development Team0:01:36 
19Sydney Uni Velo Racing0:02:05 
20Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:25:01 
Final general classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)8:42:20 
2Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:00:39 
3Adam Semple (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:00:45 
4Eric Sheppard (search2retain p/b 
5Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)0:01:11 
6Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:01:22 
7Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:01:30 
8Alex Wohler (Budget Forklifts)0:01:33 
9Marc Williams (Budget Forklifts)0:01:34 
10Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)0:01:50 
11Nathan Elliott (Target Trek Racing Team)0:01:54 
12Correy Edmed (Pensar SPM Racing)0:01:59 
13Cal Britten (search2retain p/b 
14Matthew Clark (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)0:02:26 
15Daniel Bonello (Parramatta Race Team)0:02:51 
16Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)0:02:55 
17Ayden Toovey (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:03:02 
18Neil Van Der Ploeg (search2retain p/b 
19Joseph Cooper (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:03:13 
20Trevor Spencer (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)0:03:14 
21Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda HP Team)0:03:19 
22Ben Cook (Campos Avalon)0:03:23 
23Ryan Cavanagh (Pensar SPM Racing)  
24Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)0:03:25 
25Nicholas Woods (Pro Team Downunder)0:03:30 
26Jason Spencer (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)0:03:31 
27James Szollosi (Pro Team Downunder)  
28Shaun Mccarthy (Budget Forklifts)0:03:44 
29Saxon Irvine (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)  
30Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Cycling)0:03:48 
31Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:04:16 
32Nicholas Yallouris (St George Skoda HP Team)0:04:29 
33Conor Murtagh (CharterMason Drapac Development Team)0:04:36 
34Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)0:04:43 
35Jay Dutton (St George Skoda HP Team)  
36Scott McPhee (Euride Racing)0:04:48 
37Michael Phelan (Parramatta Race Team)0:04:51 
38Jacob Restall (Pro Team Downunder)0:05:06 
39David Melville (GPM Data#3)0:05:20 
40Tristan Bauer (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)0:05:27 
41Jayden Copp (Pro Team Downunder)0:05:28 
42Callum O'Sullivan (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:05:29 
43Sam Stow (Pensar SPM Racing)0:05:32 
44Nicholas Costello (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)  
45Jordan Payne (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:05:33 
46Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:05:36 
47Thomas Patton (Parramatta Race Team)0:05:39 
48Mathew Marshall (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:05:40 
49Christopher Aitken (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)0:05:47 
50Aaron Donnelly (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:05:51 
51Jacob Kauffmann (Budget Forklifts)0:06:04 
52Andrew Clarkson (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)  
53Fiachra O'Muire (Euride Racing)0:06:09 
54Andrew Roe (Euride Racing)0:06:31 
55Joshua Prete (Budget Forklifts)0:06:34 
56Riley Maule (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:06:41 
57Lex Nederlof (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)0:06:43 
58Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)0:06:44 
59Alexander Malone (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:06:59 
60Amir Rusli (Drapac Cycling)0:07:10 
61Leslie Masters (Pro Team Downunder)0:07:14 
62Harry Carpenter (Euride Racing)0:07:15 
63Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)0:08:07 
64Julian Hamill (GPM Data#3)0:08:51 
65David Parsons (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)0:09:28 
66Cameron Bayly (search2retain p/b 
67Gerald Evans (Team Polygon Australia)0:10:47 
68Jason Rigg (Team Polygon Australia)0:10:55 
69Kevin Hawes (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:11:01 
70Anthony Giacoppo (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:11:18 
71Jack Beckinsale (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)0:11:20 
72Tamas Allenby (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)0:11:27 
73Scott Law (GPM Data#3)0:13:12 
74Alistair Donohoe (search2retain p/b 
75George Tansley (Euride Racing)0:15:16 
76Peter English (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:15:54 
77Ryan Thomas (Parramatta Race Team)0:16:25 
78James Hepburn (GPM Data#3)0:17:20 
79Joshua Taylor (GPM Data#3)0:18:03 
80Geoff Straub (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:21:11 
81Jesse Kerrison (Budget Forklifts)0:21:56 
82Dylan Newbery (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)0:22:02 
83Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Cycling)0:23:18 
84Brad Davies (Euride Racing)0:29:03 
85Dave Brown (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:30:42 
86Reuben Donati (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)0:31:03 
87Joel Strachan (Target Trek Racing Team)0:31:05 
88Peter Hatton (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:31:07 
89Jesse Ewart (GPM Data#3)0:31:37 
90Tom Kaesler (Euride Racing)0:31:51 
91James Boal (Target Trek Racing Team)0:31:55 
92Reece Robinson (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)0:31:57 
93Matthew Killin (Pensar SPM Racing)0:33:08 
94Matthew Nicholson (Team Polygon Australia)0:33:49 
95Chris Beeck (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)0:34:32 
96Andrew Stephan (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:35:06 
97Sylvain Lauwers (Pro Team Downunder)0:37:14 
98Russell Gill (Euride Racing)0:39:35 
99Benjamin Fox (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)0:43:00 
100Angus Tobin (search2retain p/b 
101Cameron Ivory (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)0:47:43 
102Kyle Bridgwood (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:48:01 
103Daniel Pinczewski (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)0:48:16 
104Lachlan Ambrose (Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team)0:48:56 
105Stuart Smith (search2retain p/b 
106Rowan Dever (Target Trek Racing Team)0:50:20 
107Jake Magee (GPM Data#3)0:50:30 
108Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Race Team)0:51:40 
109Benjamin Harvey (St George Skoda HP Team)0:51:43 
110Mitchell Carrington (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)0:52:50 
111Luke Williams (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)0:53:24 
112Andrew Crawley (GPM Data#3)0:54:37 
113Hadleigh Milligan (Pensar SPM Racing)0:55:34 
114Kasey Clark (Pensar SPM Racing)0:55:55 
115Dylan Hately (Target Trek Racing Team)1:06:57 
116Daniel McCulloch (Campos Avalon)1:11:19 
117Adam Allen (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)1:16:23 
118Guy Brown (Paradice Investment Cycling Team)1:17:13 
119Griffith Moore (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)1:17:41 
120Rafael Vainikka (Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team)1:18:05 
121Ben Price (Team Polygon Australia)1:23:19 
122Connor Hughes (Sydney Uni Velo Racing)1:31:07 
123Harrison Bailey (Parramatta Race Team)1:38:06 
Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jesse Kerrison (Budget Forklifts)9 pts
2Scott Law (GPM Data#3)6 
3Neil Van Der Ploeg (search2retain p/b 
4Anthony Giacoppo (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)3 
5Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)3 
6Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)3 
7Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)2 
8Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)2 
9Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)1 
10Nicholas Woods (Pro Team Downunder)1 
KoM classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darcy Ellerm-Norton (Pro Team Downunder)15 pts
2Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)10 
3Eric Sheppard (search2retain p/b 
4Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)6 
5Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)5 
6Kristian Juel (Budget Forklifts)5 
7Anthony Giacoppo (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)3 
8Scott Law (GPM Data#3)3 
9Adam Semple (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)3 
10Mathew Marshall (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)3 
11Alexander Malone (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)2 
12Ben Grenda (Team Polygon Australia)2 
13Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Cycling)2 
14Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)1 
15Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)1 
16Robbie Hucker (Drapac Cycling)1 
17Nicholas Woods (Pro Team Downunder)1 
18Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program)1 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team26:07:34 
2Budget Forklifts0:04:30 
3search2retain p/b 
4Drapac Cycling0:05:59 
5CharterMason Drapac Development Team0:08:12 
6Pro Team Downunder0:08:54 
7Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:08:59 
8Pensar SPM Racing0:10:20 
9Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program0:10:39 
10St George Skoda HP Team0:11:57 
11Parramatta Race Team0:12:45 
12Euride Racing0:14:29 
13GPM Data#30:16:34 
14Team Polygon Australia0:18:11 
15Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team0:18:47 
16Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:32:09 
17Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team0:51:08 
18Target Trek Racing Team1:04:20 
19Sydney Uni Velo Racing1:07:08 
20Paradice Investment Cycling Team1:17:26 
NRS Team standings after Battle on the Border
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team44 pts
2Budget Forklifts34 
3search2retain p/b 
4Satalyst Giant Racing Team16 
5Drapac Cycling11 
6Euride Racing10 
7African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team9 
8Pro Team Downunder9 
9CharterMason Drapac Development Team7 
10St George Skoda HP Team7 
11Target Trek Racing Team5 
12Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program5 
13Pensar SPM Racing4 
14Parramatta Race Team3 
15Bianchi Lotto Arbitrage2 
16Downer EDi Mining National Cycling Team2 
17GPM Data#32 
18Team Polygon Australia1 
19Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team1 
20Data#3 Cisco Racing Team1 
21Sydney Uni Velo Racing1 
22Paradice Investment Cycling Team1 
23Seight Test Team p/b The Biomechanics1 
NRS Men's individual standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)23 pts
2Joseph Cooper (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)18 
3Neil Van Der Ploeg (search2retain p/b 
4Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)12 
5Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)12 
6Adam Semple (Satalyst Giant Racing Team)10 
7Jack Anderson (Budget Forklifts)10 
8Eric Sheppard (search2retain p/b 
9Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts)8 
10Bernard Sulzberger (Drapac Cycling)8 
11Anthony Giacoppo (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)8 
12Scott Law (GPM Data#3)6 
13Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)5 
14Harry Carpenter (Euride Racing)5 
15Aaron Donnelly (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team)5 


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