Worlds: Finnish rider fractures collarbone after collision with car in U23 race

Joni Kanerva taken to hospital but in stable condition after crash

Finland's Joni Kanerva sustained a hard fall after colliding with a car in the men's under-23 road race at the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen on Friday.

The 22-year-old suffered facial cuts, bruised ribs and a fractured collarbone, but is in stable condition, according to Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

Kanerva was riding amid a caravan of race cars when the vehicle in front of the car just ahead of Kanerva came to a stop to provide mechanical assistance to a rider on the right side of the road. Rather than slowing to a halt, the car in front of Kanerva swerved to its left to pass, colliding with Kanerva on the driver's side and immediately causing a serious crash as Kanerva hit the deck and slid into the barriers at speed.

According to TV2, witnesses reported 'a lot of blood' at the site of the crash. Kanerva was taken to hospital but was responsive at the scene, and his family has since joined him at the hospital.

Norwegian media report that the matter is now in the hands of police. 

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