Waddell and Hendershot re-up with Santa Cruz Syndicate

Santa Cruz Syndicate rider John Waddell has re-signed to the Syndicate for 2006. Waddell, who has...

Santa Cruz Syndicate rider John Waddell has re-signed to the Syndicate for 2006. Waddell, who has had a miraculous recovery from the severe head trauma suffered in a crash in 2003, has been racing and training in Australia ever since his rehab from the injury. He has focused his racing program on endurance racing and has had success in 12 hour and 24 hour races, racing solo.

Having Waddell remain on the Syndicate is a great honor to Santa Cruz Bicycles and to Waddell. He has shown extreme dedication and commitment to himself and his sponsors, and Santa Cruz Bicycles is pleased to continue the relationship. Waddell has been riding Santa Cruz bikes for many years and his loyalty to the brand is immense.

Waddell is stoked to be on the team and has this to say, “It's near the end of 2005 and what an interesting year it's been with loads of ups and downs. Being able to sign up with the Santa Cruz Syndicate once again has been so super, knowing I have a team like the Syndicate behind me, as well as the rest of my crew that gives me their support. I'm glad my long hard days in the saddle haven't gone unnoticed. Keep a look out for my unusually wild comps throughout 2006 in my journey to test what I am really capable of. Peace out.”

“John's amazing recovery has astounded the world and those of us at Santa Cruz Bicycles are proud of his achievements both on and off the racetrack. He has won the toughest race of his life, and we will continue to support him in his cycling endeavours,” says Rob Roskopp, owner of Santa Cruz Bicycles.

Waddell has been racing expert XC in the Australian National Series and recently completed the Mont 24 hour race in Canberra, Australia. He had this to say about his solo performance, “Well, 7 months of preparation has finally paid off. I finished 12th place out of 176 solo riders and I'm pretty sure I was the first ever Western Australian to complete the Mont 24hr race solo. I was happy. I was tough enough mentally and physically to complete the comp fairly strong, even though I was pretty shattered by the end after 25 1/2 hours pedaling. I also was super stoked on my support crew and I had a lot of support from fans and spectators.”

Waddell's goals are to continue racing solo endurance races and his dream goal is to compete in Australia's Crocodile Trophy race. This is one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, which takes place through the Northern Territory's real outback and rainforest. The 13-stage race travels as far north as Cairns and includes 1655 kilometers of heat, sand, mud, bush and mountains. With his determination he can accomplish anything, and Santa Cruz Bicycles will stand by him in his pursuits.

Mark Hendershot ack on board:

Santa Cruz Syndicate's endurance racer, Mark Hendershot, is back on the Syndicate for 2006. Hailing from Michigan, this incredible athlete will continue to compete in 8, 12 and 24 hour races solo, and will be the American counterpart to Aussie John Waddell, racing in North America for the Syndicate.

Hendershot plans to race in select endurance races, including the 8 and 12 hours of Pando which he has won 5 times, the Norba National 24 hour Solo Championships, and the World Solo 24 hours of Adrenalin Championships, where he placed 5 th in 2005.

Santa Cruz Bicycles is pleased to have these two talented, committed athletes represent the brand on two continents in the endurance racing world.

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