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Voeckler has collarbone plate removed

Stephen Farrand
January 6, 10:54,
January 6, 11:03
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, January 6, 2014
Thomas Voeckler's green collarbone plate

Thomas Voeckler's green collarbone plate

  • Thomas Voeckler's green collarbone plate
  • Thomas Voeckler put in an impressive performance at Dwars Door Vlaanderen but was caught on the line
  • Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) at the start

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Europcar rider shares a photo of his 'hardware'

Thomas Voeckler has revealed he underwent an operation to remove a metal plate from his collarbone, publishing a photo of what he describes as the 'hardware' on his Facebook page. The plate was a green colour, the same as Voeckler's Europcar team.

The French rider revealed the news of the minor operation during the weekend. He confirmed he would soon be back in training before heading to Australia on January 12 for the Santos Tour Down Under.

"Last Thursday I had the collar bone plate removed that as fitted after my crash in the Amstel Gold Race," he wrote.

"It was a simple operation but under general anesthetic. I'd like to share the photo of the 'hardware' that was removed!"

"After a short rest this weekend, I expect to get in a good week of training before leaving for Australia on January 12. I hope to find better training conditions out there because lately, because of the rain and wind, it hasn't been easy to ride!"

Voeckler will lead the seven-rider Europcar team at the Santos Down Under. Also in the line-up are Perrig Quemeneur, Kévin Reza, Jérome Cousin, Angélo Tulik, Yukiya Arashiro and Bjorn Thurau.

It is the first time that Europcar competes in the Santos Tour Down Under after securing a WorldTour licence for the 2014 season. Voeckler rode in Australia early in his career but will begin his season early in the Australian summer before targeting Paris-Nice, Milan-San Remo and the Amstel Gold Race in the first part of the 2014 season.

lastplacerider 9 months ago
At this time does he have the form to be competitive? If so he could be a favorite. Willunga could suit him well.
roberthightowerjr 9 months ago
equipment needed for a cyclist, keep in your toolbox Thomas.
TheFred 9 months ago
Obviously, there's not much to report on now.
Mark Schwitau 9 months ago
Yes, it's in the off season. What would one expect. It's a free website trying to keep some crumbs on the table till the real goodness begins. Give them a break.
TheFred 9 months ago
Yes, I enjoy CN and read it year round. It's the theatrical Tommy that I am not a fan of, nor his removed hardware:-)
vassosa 9 months ago
And also, I personally don't think it's a useless topic. It's kind of interesting to remember that he had his accident and all...
Clockel 9 months ago
For sure, not much to report on. Without trolling, I would say give them a break too. I still visit everyday to find out about signings etc. But yeah, not too interesting of topics. I always head over to steephill to check out photos from last season. And how many days until Tour Down Under?
Oxygen Vector 9 months ago
Well it sure beats another story on doping masters riders, lol
Dr_Stav 9 months ago
Is there much of a market for previously owned collarbone hardware in the pro peleton? And how long until there's a Dura Ace or Record branded version? When will the Di2/EPS version be available?
Piers Barry 9 months ago
Acumed pre-contoured clavicle plate like that goes for about $1200.00, plus $120 per screw. There should be a used market!
Majo S 9 months ago
looks like they (collarbone plates) come in team color too :P
Piers Barry 9 months ago
Green plates indicate Right side, Blue plates for the left side from this manufacturer...
bikebandit 9 months ago
Another CN story that butchers the English language. A proofreader pleeeease!