Video: Innocent Uwamungu, the rider who races with one eye

Having lost an eye in the summer, Rwandan cyclist just happy to be competing in his national tour

Innocent Uwamungu, aka "Rocky", has a very special history: two months before the Tour of Rwanda while training for the this week's race with the national team, he lost his right eye.

"One day was raining very hard and after a training ride, on the way back home, a stone [from work constructions, Ed] fluented to his eye and took it", Team of Rwanda's logistic manager, Kimberly Moszyk Coats, explained to Cyclingnews.

Despite this freaky accident, the tough Uwamungu is racing an UCI 2.2 event where he went 10th in prologue last Sunday, 22 seconds behing Team Type 1-Sanofi's professional Kiel Reijnen, who also won overall.

Even more surprisingly, "Rocky" is one of the best jokers of the team and laughs about everything, including his accident. He is never one to complain about his situation.

See the full video interview with Uwamangu below.

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