Tour de France: Dan Martin riding in prototype Mavic shoes

'Entirely new take on cycling shoes', with carbon fibre exoskeleton and separate inner liner

This article first appeared on BikeRadar.

Mavic's new prototype road shoes are currently being ridden by Etixx-Quick Step's Dan Martin at the Tour de France, but don't hold your breath on getting a pair of shoes similar to the Irishman's anytime soon

While the shoe is close to finished, the French firm has yet to decide whether or not they'll sell the new footwear model to the public. The Etixx-Quick Step rider debuted his new kicks at the Criterium du Dauphine but he's been working with Mavic for two and a half years.

The design is an entirely new take on a cycling shoe with a carbon fiber exoskeleton and a separate inner slipper. The shoe is exceptionally light, but Mavic was quick to point out that the key design parameters were biomechanics and power transfer, not weight. With this in mind, the new shoe features an extremely low stack height. Martin mentioned that he's lowered his saddle two to three millimeters thanks to them.

The separate liner design opens up the possibility to use different inserts in varying conditions. Imagine a thin, waterproof breathable slipper for wet days, a mesh one for the scorchers and perhaps even an insulated one for winter use. Though Mavic didn't confirm this, they certainly didn't dismiss the idea either.

Whatever the final outcome of the new shoes, Martin is certainly pleased with the result. "They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Ventilation is good too. That was my main concern. But I wore them at the Dauphine and had no problems."

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