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Thomas Voeckler crashes while out training

Cycling News
January 15, 02:56,
January 15, 05:17
First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Santos Tour Down Under
Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) at the start

Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) at the start

  • Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) at the start
  • Thomas Voeckler's green collarbone plate

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Broken collarbone rules out TDU appearance

This story has changed from its original version following updates on Thomas Voeckler's crash

X-rays have revealed that French cyclist Thomas Voeckler has broken his right collarbone after crashing earlier today whilst on a training ride near the Adelaide beach-side suburb of Glenelg.

The 34-year-old arrived in Adelaide this morning with his Europcar team mates for the Tour Down Under and at midday they headed out for a short ride. During the ride Voeckler accidentally crashed into a stationary car and was taken to Sportsmed SA and as a result of the crash will fly home to France tomorrow.

"When we went out training this morning and a pedestrian crossed the road so a car braked very quickly and I didn't have time to brake so I bumped into the car," said Voeckler. "I immediately knew that my collarbone was broken as it's the third time I have broken it.

"After (the crash) thanks to the organisers we went immediately to the hospital and the x-ray showed it was broken so I have to go back to France and the hospital and see how much time it takes to get on the bike again."

Voeckler fractured the same collar bone for the first time in 2009 in a stage of Paris-Nice race and again in a race crash during the Amstel Gold Race in April last year. That crash ended his 2013 Spring Classics campaign and only underwent a minor operation earlier this month to remove the metal plate that was put in after the Amstel Gold crash.

"It's been 12 days since the other plate was removed and it was okay but I must not crash on it," said Vockler. "There was a small risk and it's the first time in my career, 14th year as a professional, first time in my career I hit a car in training....that's the way it is, it's a pity.

"When it's during a race you say to yourself it's your job there are risks but when it's stupid like this morning I crashed into a car, it's not the car's fault but it's a stupid crash, a really stupid crash but that happens sometimes - this time it happened to me."

Voeckler, the winner of four stages and the 2012 king of the mountains jersey at the Tour de France, was looking forward to his debut appearance in the Santos Tour Down Under.

"I was really happy to spend two weeks here even if my shape is not 100 percent," Voeckler said. "When I am racing somewhere I always try to attack or take a breakaway, that was my goal this time and to train for the season (but) now I have to take time to get better and we'll see step-by-step."

Santos Tour Down Under Race Director, Mike Turtur, says it's disappointing but wished Voeckler a speedy recovery.

"There were a lot of people looking forward to seeing Thomas in action as he has a strong fan base in Australia but our first concern is for his welfare and we wish him all the best for a speedy recovery so he can resume racing," said Turtur.

Team Europcar Manager, Andy Flickinger, says the team will not replace Vockler in the starting lineup and will start with the remaining six riders Yukiya Arashiro, Perrig Quemeneur, Bjorn Thurau, Kévin Reza, Jérome Cousin, Angélo Tulik.

"Today the whole team is very disappointed that Thomas has had to give up before the start of the race," said Flickinger. "It's terrible for us because we were happy to be here in Australia and to participate in the race and we feel terrible for the organiser.

"We are thankful to the organiser and to Mike Turtur for taking care of Thomas today and for their support," he said.French cyclist Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) has been taken to Sportsmed-SA after crashing earlier today whilst on a training ride near the Adelaide beach-side suburb of Glenelg. It's understood Voeckler accidentally collided with a stationary vehicle during a ride with his team shorty after arriving in Adelaide and broke his right collarbone. Voeckler is expected to be flying back to France on Thursday.

deemfingtee 8 months ago
I want to start laughing, but I feel that would be incredibly inappropriate. Talk about bad luck... From now on, keep the hardware!
Silver Bullet 8 months ago
Maybe a style issue? If he didn't throw his entire upper body around so much, perhaps he could see a stationary car under his nose. Feel for the TDU fans. Tommy V always puts on a show! ....of some kind.
Mark Schwitau 8 months ago
And I suppose your style has won you a ton of world tour races as a pro. A bunch of days in yellow and a few lowly Tour de France stages.
Silver Bullet 8 months ago
geez mark go for a ride will ya!! i have nothing at all against tommy V. cycling is all the more colourful for his contribution.....
bike_boy 8 months ago
You sound like someone thats new to the sport, welcome brah.
Silver Bullet 8 months ago
you are so right. have never seen Voeckler even thrash the bars brah.
Shiz Nizzler 8 months ago
What's a WolrTour team?
patrick24 8 months ago
Maybe it has something to with visualizing Whirled Peas,
deemfingtee 8 months ago
It's a Cycling News special.
Pedal Pusher 8 months ago
You don't have to read it if the spelling irks you
nepetalactone 8 months ago
Sorry - but journalists (and *gasp* editors) should be held to standards just as the rest of us are in our own jobs (or so I presume).
PCM Geek 8 months ago
I agree, plus it makes the site look like its run by a bunch of amateurs that don't know how to spell...
bandarkar36 8 months ago
oh no...
rickpaulos 8 months ago
So hire Horner to take his place.
Rosedale 8 months ago
Please stop squeezing Horner into totally inappropriate threads.
rickpaulos 8 months ago
Oh I'll bet Europcar has jersies big enough for him to fit in to without squeezing.
TheBean 8 months ago
I've seen some nasty crashes involving parked cars, but most were on rides home from the bar at 2 a.m. Hard luck for Voekler, being sober and all.
nepetalactone 8 months ago
I see an assumption that may not be true! One too many morning Fosters (yuck!)?
Mike Cross 8 months ago
Or jet-lag tiredness causing lack of concentration? He'd only just got off the aeroplane.
n085329 8 months ago
That was my thought too when Ireland it. Tired, not concentrating, maybe...
n085329 8 months ago
Erm, thanks autocorrect... *when I read it*
PCM Geek 8 months ago
Were you people there and did you see what happened? This article really doesn't go in to particulars. Maybe he didn't see the car before it was too late, or maybe he was forced to close to the car by his team mates and misjudged the amount of space he had and he clipped the side of the car and went down. You assume that he blindly ran in to the car. He's an experienced pro and I highly doubt he would simply collide with a parked car like that, something else that this article isn't telling us could and must have happened... Maybe you are simply trying to be funny, but honestly, it isn't a funny situation.
BackSeatRider 8 months ago
"When it's during a race you say to yourself it's your job there are risks but when it's stupid like this morning I crashed into a car, it's not the car's fault but it's a stupid crash, a really stupid crash but that happens sometimes - this time it happened to me." Read the quote above from Voeckler. It's not as if he is trying to make a conspiracy of the fact that he simply crashed into a car. It happens from time to time. It's like a race car driver getting into a fender bender. It happens.
LemonFriend 8 months ago
"a car braked very quickly and I didn't have time to brake so I bumped into the car" I wouldn't call that a 'parked car'.
wheel chaser 8 months ago
Again it points to the vulnerability of bike riders to hazzards on the road...even self inflicted.
cantpedal 8 months ago
Sorry to see this happen. I'm so conflicted as a fan I want to root against him but find myself pulling for him.
PCM Geek 8 months ago
Could you elaborate on this? Why would you want to root against him? Even if you hate the team he's on, why would anybody wish something like this on another human being? I don't get it...
BackSeatRider 8 months ago
He is saying that although he wants to dislike the rider, he still roots for him. He is in no way insinuating that he wants him to be injured. If anything he is insinuating that he secretly likes to watch him ride.
cantpedal 8 months ago
BarkingOwl 8 months ago
Ah bummer! One less star at the TDU
DjangoFurioso 8 months ago
I agree. Hopefully, he'll be back fighting it out again soon.
optica 8 months ago of the most entertaining riders out there. I hope it doesn't do too much damage to his riding in 2014.
Matt Evans 8 months ago
12 days out from hardware removal his collar bone was still full of holes. Why have it removed so close to start of racing?
Luke Morris 8 months ago
...because it wasn't ready to be removed before then?
Emmanuel Lopez 8 months ago
It s more about cars being on the wrong side of the road for french cyclist.... Lol