Team - Magnus Maximus granted UCI Continental licence

Team - Magnus Maximus, granted a UCI Continental license for 2009, become's...

Team - Magnus Maximus, granted a UCI Continental license for 2009, become's Sweden's first professional team of the modern era.

"There has always been a small number of riders from Sweden who have made it as professionals. Now we can collectively bring all that is good about the Swedish culture and mentality to the running of this team," said Team Manager Martin McCrossan. "The riders have no pressure, there is a bigger picture to this team. All we ask is that they go out and race with the true Viking spirit, with the correct ethos and become the new generation of committed young professionals who want a clean future for our sport."

Team Manager Dennis Nystrand enlisted the help of UK based sports management company Sprocket Promotions to bring in sponsors, which lead ultimately lead to a new partnership with Sprocket owner Martin McCrossan and a mentor in Garmin-Slipstream's Magnus Backstedt.

As well as providing guidance, Backstedt's involvement is also as a sponsor with his own Magnus Maximus coffee brand. After setting up his coffee company to help young riders, the proceeds of sales will now directly fund the team.

For 2009, the team has a mix of Swedish and British riders and they are on a talent search to bring in riders from the USA for 2010. "This is purely a development team and nothing will give us more pleasure than bringing a rider in and watching him move up to the highest level in the sport," said McCrossan.

The 2009 Team - Magnus Maximus roster includes Alex Wetterhall (Swe), Max Oste MacDonald (Swe), Niklas Gustavsson (Swe), Freddy Johansson (Swe), Filip Rudenstam (Swe), Johan Nystrand (Swe), Marcus Johansson (Swe) and Daniel Patten (GBr).

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