Swiss federation has the Operation Puerto papers

"The underlying papers from 'Operation Puerto' have arrived at Swiss Cycling," the Swiss federation...

"The underlying papers from 'Operation Puerto' have arrived at Swiss Cycling," the Swiss federation announced on Monday. "They will be reviewed by the federation to determine whether proceedings should be opened. If that should be the case, then the dossier will be turned over to the disciplinary committee for doping cases within a week."

Spiegel magazine reports that the director of Swiss Cycling, Lorenz Schläfli, expects a preliminary decision by Thursday, but first the approximately 100 pages of material must be examined. "But after a first glance, it appears that it will come to a proceeding and that Jan Ullrich will soon be invited to appear," said Schläfli.

Ullrich is a German citizen, but lives in Switzerland and rides under a Swiss license.

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