Swiss Cycling president resigns over McQuaid affair

“Differences of opinions” cited in Chassot's resignation

Richard Chassot has resigned as president of Swiss Cycling, as a result of the nomination of Pat McQuaid for president of the UCI. The resignation as president and head of the board of directors is effective immediately.

Swiss Cycling nominated McQuaid for the UCI presidency, on the grounds that he was a member of the federation as he lived in Switzerland. Three members of the federation appealed that decision, and a hearing was to be held today on the mater. However, late yesterday Swiss Cycling said that it had withdrawn its nomination of McQuaid.

The announcement of Chassot's resignation said that it is due to “differences of opinions within the board of directors in the case of McQuaid's nomination.”

Vice president Franz Gallati will take over the post of president until the next elections can be held.

Chassot rode professionally from 1994 to 1999, and afterwards worked as a television commentator. The 43-year-old was elected as Swiss Cycling president in March 2012.

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