Sutton's memory loss over crash

Sky team coach talks after accident

Sky’s head coach Shane Sutton says that he remembers nothing of his crash that left him in hospital and suffering with bleeding on the brain. Speaking to the BBC at the Glasgow track World Cup where he is attending but sitting out his duties as Great Britain’s coach, Sutton said that his memory was completely blank as to the details surrounding his accident.

The incident happened less than 24 hours after British rider Bradley Wiggins was also struck by a vehicle. The Tour de France and Olympics Games winner suffered a fractured rib, bruised lung and dislocated finger.

Sutton, 55, is Wiggins' coach at Sky and British Cycling. He led the national team to 12 gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics.

Speaking to the BBC Sutton said: "A lot of people have serious accidents with helmets and without. On this occasion I was glad I had a helmet on.

"But that's a personal thing, it is like a bike. You buy a particular kind of bike and a particular kind of helmet. For me, it saved my life.

"I don't feel 100 per cent at the moment, I am just sitting in the stands, quite relaxed. It is going to take time, the doctors said that."

When asked what he remembered from the crash he said: "Nothing. From 8.40 in the morning until 12.20 in the afternoon, not a thing."

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