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By Susan Westemeyer "It is not easy to be Tom Boonen: the pressure on him is great," according to...

By Susan Westemeyer

"It is not easy to be Tom Boonen: the pressure on him is great," according to Patrick Lefevere, team manager of Team Quick Step. "Tom has made a mistake," he acknowledged on, "but there is a difference between the person Boonen and the cyclist Boonen. The man Boonen has made a mistake."

That is Quick Step's position in a nutshell: Boonen's positive test for cocaine is a personal matter and they will not allow it to interfere with his cycling career. Cocaine use is a sporting violation only when used during competition, and this was an out-of-competition control. Therefore, according to the team, there is no doping violation and thus no reason to sanction their star sprinter.

Not everyone agrees with that philosophy. Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme announced Wednesday night that Boonen will not be allowed to ride this year's Tour de France, saying, "Tom Boonen is a great champion, but a great champion also serves as a role model," according to Sporza. He added that the team is still welcome, and Lefevere indicated the Quick Step team will ride the Tour, "with or without Boonen."

Boonen has also been excluded from the Tour de Suisse, but the Ster Elektrotoer said Wednesday evening that he could ride there. After an internal discussion and conversations with sponsors on Wednesday, organizers will allow him to take the start of their race starting June 17 and running through June 21. "We are speaking here of a private matter and we do not want to nor will we make a judgment about that. As far as we are concerned, he is welcome in our race," said race administrator Huub Snoeks in a press release.

However, both the team and the sponsors strongly indicated that they would continue to support Boonen and help him through this "difficult personal moment". In fact, main sponsors Quick Step and Innergetic both announced at Wednesday's press conference that they would extend their contracts for an additional three years. Both contracts were scheduled to expire at the end of this year.

"Both sponsors and the team have faith in Tom – we've had some of our most significant moments in the team's history with Tom. It is not a habit of ours to abandon our athletes. Tom is going through a difficult personal moment at present," said Lefevere in a team press release. "We'll be letting time pass by a little and then we'll start working again for the future."

Quick Step CEO, Frans de Cock, echoed that sentiment on behalf of the team. "Tom is and remains a great champion. For this reason we have great faith in him for the future. Things would have been very different if it was a doping problem. What happened is personal and private matter."

Lefevere said that he had been planning to call a press conference for this Thursday to announce the sponsors' extensions, but moved it up a day because of the Boonen situation. "Under the pressure of the circumstances we have had to advance the press conference. After discussions with our sponsors we definitely have to affirm our trust in Tom Boonen." according to

"The negative things that have happened, they are not good to talk about, but Boonen has also given us many beautiful moments over the last six years. We hope that he will continue to do so in the coming three years. Tom did something stupid, but what has happened, has happened."

The team manager confessed to, "I was really very frightened Monday evening when I heard the news. Tom called me up and asked if he should come by, but I refused. I just wanted to be alone."

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